September 30, 2022

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United States: Mass shooting at Colorado supermarket “several victims, including a police officer”

“Several victims, including a police officer, were recorded Monday in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. The state city police posted this on its Twitter account. The main suspect has been remanded in custody while receiving treatment for his injuries.

A few hours ago, security guards marched in the presence of an active sniper near the King Supers supermarket.

“Warning:” Active shooter at Table Mesa’s King Supers. Skip to content. A public information agent is coming his wayBoulder told the police department at the beginning of the situation in a post on its social networks.

Television footage showed a shirtless man leaving a supermarket taken away by security forces. He was then taken to an ambulance. It is not clear if he was the suspect in the shooting.

Filming in Colorado, USA

In conversation with a local TV station CBSN Denver, Someone inside the supermarket described the situation: “I went to buy a soda and chips and at one point I heard a loud bang. I thought someone had dropped something But in the third blast everyone was running. We made it to the back of the supermarket, exited through the cargo area, and then jumped under one of the cargo trucks. Then we ran down a hill, “he said.

In films not confirmed by authorities, at least three bodies can be seen lying on the ground, in and around the supermarket, while footage is heard.

Security forces near the supermarket where the shooting took place.  REUTERS / Kevin Mohd
Security forces near the supermarket where the shooting took place. REUTERS / Kevin Mohd

The other two witnesses told the local Denver Post that they were leaving the supermarket when the shooter opened fire: “He said nothing,” one of them, who wanted to be anonymous: “He went inside and started shooting.” “He shot two shots, then he was quiet, and then he shot a couple more. I didn’t shoot the explosion.”Said another.

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Later, customers who were taken to safety outside the store were wrapped in blankets and sitting and talking to lifeguards.

Some of the broken windows could be seen in the front of the store. Through a loudspeaker, officials said the building was surrounded. They asked the invader to come out unarmed and bring his hands up.

Photo:.  Via Cecil D'Sharon / REUTERS
Photo:. Via Cecil D’Sharon / REUTERS

State Gov. Democrat Jared noted the police situation. “Like everyone else in Colorado, I closely follow the status quo of the King Super. My prayers are with the people of the state at this time of grief and sorrow and we are learning the extent of the grief, ”he said.

Said White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki The situation has been explained to President Joe Biden They will be provided when new details are known.

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