December 7, 2022

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United States. Leonardo Guller stopped coaching at America Femen

Mexico City /

Leonardo Guller He stopped being a coach United States After the Eagles’ defeat against Sivas in the women’s classic match held Aztec Ground, Where Rojiplankus won 4-2 and caused the strategist to exit.

“I want to tell you that I submitted my resignation today And approved by the Board. I think this is an important moment to provoke a positive reaction in the team, “Kuller told a news conference.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and enjoyed this company. “

United States It ranks ninth in the general category, but Football performance is not optimal After the win against the herd, DT decided to set it aside. The ultimate goal of the Kuller era was work Jana Guterres.

This is not the situation expected of the United States

The coach stressed that there is no such thing as a club like the one shown tonight Eagles He realized that his opinion could no longer be understood.

“In a nobility you have to let your skin on the court If you can not send it to your team, this is the time to set aside, I congratulate you, it is a privilege and honor to have been there, “he commented.

Leo Kuller Azulgrema has been on the bench since its creation Liga MX Women It was next Ileana Devila From Poomas, One of the coaches who was immobile.

He leaves with a Liga MX title

குல்லருடன், Reached the title of USA in Opening 2018 In the following matches they did not miss Liguila, and were approaching 80 games leading to the Copa, his mark was 75.

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For this Guard 1 2021, Leo left the team with four wins, five draws and four defeats for a total of 17 points They have the club out of the Liquila positions after tonight’s end against the Tabatias.