September 25, 2022

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UFC on ABC 3 play-by-play and live scores

UFC on ABC 3 play-by-play and live scores

Round 1 – Big fight for the former women’s bantamweight champ, Misha Tate, who is dropping in the flyweight for the first time. Murphy takes center and quickly chases after Tate Buck. Tate gets inside and lands with a few short punches on the body. Murphy drops to the right quickly, but Tate moves to take her down. Murphy spreads out beyond it, though, and stays right on Tate with a few punches that land. Murphy lands with a pair of punches. Tate tries to climb high, and not long after, Tate lands with her best in battle so far. Tate spins out and throws a forehand kick. Murphy punches and looks good. Halfway through the round, Murphy drops to stop him. She pulled Tate down for a while, but Tate got back on her feet without really getting down. Tate reverses the situation and pushes Murphy over the fence and pulls Murphy down by herself. But once Murphy gets to the plate, she’s back. Tate hit his shoulder, then his right hand. They work back and forth in the decisiveness and Tate lands a knee on the body, and she tries to pull Murphy’s head down, but she can’t land a knee. Tate lands another knee, but Murphy breaks free with 20 seconds left. It’s a tight round, but MMA Junkie only gives it a small reputation for Tate, 10-9, for late control.

Round 2 – Tate got a hard punch, but Murphy broke Tate’s nose nicely. Murphy lands after about 100 seconds, landing with big punches as Tate tries to get back on her feet. With Tate supported, Murphy lands with a stiff elbow. Tate gets some urgency and gets pushed forward. Murphy takes a few hits and knocks Tate’s head out again. Halfway through, Tate walks inside and ties things up. She searches for her knees in decisiveness, but Murphy lands with her elbow. Tate shoots and lands well. They trade punches, but Murphy seems to be much stronger. With 90 seconds left, Murphy shoots for a takedown, but Tate defends her. Murphy landed heavily, and Tate tied her along the fence. With 25 seconds left, Tate lands with a massive elbow. But over time, she can’t have anything else. MMA Junkie scored Murphy’s second goal, 10-9.

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Round 3 – Tate may need to be sooner. It might be a level playing field, but Murphy could be very good at 2-0. A minute later, Tate runs to take down the serve and gets it, but Murphy defends it well enough to be ahead. The fight returns to the middle very quickly. The mouse under Tate’s left eye looks very stiff. It’s really bloated after the second round. They hooked up halfway through the round and Murphy landed a big left, then a right elbow on Tate’s eye. Tate kicked in the middle two minutes before the end, and she has a kick behind her. With 90 seconds left, a little crossfire erupted. Murphy shoots the takedown, and Tate tries to get a guillotine choked. It’s not there, but they remain tied up. Murphy lands his knee on the body a minute ago. They broke up 45 seconds ago, and maybe Tate needs to land hi, Mary. he will not come. Murphy’s last MMA Junkie record, 10-9, and the fight for it is 29-28 – although it’s very easy to be 30-27.

result: Lauren Murphy def. Misha Tate by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
a summary: Lauren Murphy hits Miesha Tate to spoil debut at Flyweight
Pictures: Lauren Murphy defeated. Miesha Tate at UFC on ABC 3: Best Pictures
records: Lauren Murphy (16-5 MMA, 8-5 UFC), Miesha Tate (19-9 MMA, 6-6 UFC)
DivisionWomen’s flyweight
Broadcasting: ABC / ESPN +
Rule: Kevin MacDonald
judgment: Doug Crosby, Dave Terrelly 30-27; Derek Cleary 29-28 (R1-2 Murphy)