December 10, 2022

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U.S. officials report symptoms

(CNN) – More than a dozen U.S. officials working at the U.S. embassy in Colombia and their families have reported symptoms related to “Havana Syndrome” in recent weeks, according to a U.S. official and a source familiar with the situation.

Some officials who reported symptoms in Colombia had to be deported, including a family with a minor, those sources said. According to a report, some of the victims had previously reported cases of the mysterious disease while in other countries.

Hundreds of incidents are now being investigated by the United States as US Secretary of State Tony Blingen plans to visit Bogota next week. State Department spokeswoman Netflix denied any wrongdoing during the department’s conference in Colombia on Tuesday.

US Embassy in Colombia.

Price said any U.S. official affected by the mysterious disease would “get the immediate care they need.”

The Wall Street Journal first reported on the events in Colombia.

Twice in recent months the international travel of senior officials in the Biden administration has been affected by incidents of Havana syndrome.

The State Department is now alerting U.S. officials to incidents that may have occurred during their travels. But the State Department did not make public the number of victims and the location of the incidents, as well as foreign media reports on the incidents in Cuba and China.

U.S. researchers have struggled to determine who or what causes the symptoms and how exactly they do it. Havana Syndrome cases began in Cuba in late 2016 and cases have been reported in Russia, China, Austria and other countries around the world. The Biden administration is continuing to investigate.

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Last week President Joe Biden signed into law a long-delayed law to support diplomats, spies and service members around the world who are suffering from a strange association of sick symptoms.

“I am pleased to enact the Havana Act to ensure that we do everything possible to maintain U.S. civil servants who have experienced extraordinary health events,” Biden said in a statement. Attacks, “as did the best lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Addressing these incidents is one of my administration’s priorities,” he said after the door was signed on Friday.