September 27, 2022

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U.S. flights continue to be canceled even after the tumultuous weekend

New York (CNN Business) – At least 744 flights were canceled across the United States this Monday afternoon, according to the Air Traffic Surveillance website. FlightAware. This was followed by another chaotic weekend trip with more than 1,500 domestic flights canceled on Saturdays and Sundays.

Delta canceled at least 214 flights on Monday, or 7% of its operations, while United canceled 122 flights and American Airlines 62 flights.

“Delta crews are safely managing the factors affecting our operations this weekend, including our crews exceeding the limits on weather and air traffic control,” a Delta Airlines spokesman said Sunday.

“Canceling a flight is always our last resort and we apologize to our customers for any disruption to their travel plans.”

Experts warn that hell is the hot summer for travel. Although airlines received $ 54 billion in federal aid during the Govt peak to avoid arbitrary layoffs, they now have fewer employees than before the epidemic, especially after pilots and staff had to cut back and save money on furlongs and early retirement. As a result, operations can quickly collapse due to bad weather, understaffed air traffic control centers or sick staff.

Heartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and New York’s Newark Liberty International were hit hard by the cancellation on Monday, with more than 100 flights canceled in Newark alone.

United, which canceled 56 flights on Saturday and 70 flights on Sunday, said last Thursday it would cut daily domestic flights by 12% from its busy Newark hub. The cuts will begin in July and include about 50 daily flights.

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According to FlightAware, 634 flights were canceled in the United States on Saturday and 868 on Sunday.

“As never before in our history, various factors affecting our operations – weather and aviation control, sales personnel, increase rates of Covid cases contribute to an unplanned deficit higher than expected in some workplaces. Chief Customer Experience Officer Alison Asbond said in an online post.

But critics say airlines should have anticipated these issues ahead of summer travel.

Capt. Dennis Dager, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots’ Association, a union of American Airlines pilots, said earlier this month that “when you test an aircraft’s operating model, you see the same results.”

While flights have already been booked, Tajer added, “The cancellation of the flight will not only have a layered effect, it will cause ripple problems. This is again Teja Wu”, referring to the chaotic flight season. Christmas trips last year.

– Chris Isidore of CNN Business contributed to this report.