December 7, 2022

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U.S. federal agency accuses Tesla of unfair labor practices, orders Elon Musk to delete 2018 tweet


26 March 2021 23:32 GMT

The company must re-employ a union activist who was fired in 2017.

U.S. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRP) ruled on Thursday that Tesla was involved in unfair labor practices. Announced Bloomberg. On that basis, he called on car company CEO Elon Musk to delete a tweet from 2018 in which he “illegally threatened” workers he wanted to unionize. In addition, Richard Artis, a union activist, ordered the company to reinstate an employee who was fired in 2017.

The board largely upheld the executive law judge’s ruling, which issued a similar ruling in early 2019 regarding Tesla’s unfair labor practices. However, the company said it had not violated federal labor law when it told its workers that joining the union was ineffective.

At the same time, the NLRP found that Tesla had illegally investigated its workers on suspicion of unionization efforts, threatening that they would lose the will to acquire shares if they merged. In addition, the company has unjustly maintained a policy of barring employees from interacting with the media, in violation of their right to speak “about labor disputes and employment terms and conditions”.

Meanwhile, Tesla was ordered to destroy Elon Musk A tweet He released in 2018. “Nothing stops the Tesla group from voting for the union at our auto plant. They can do it tomorrow if they want to. But why not pay the union arrears and give up stock options for anything? Our track record security plant is twice as good as it was. [del sindicato] UAW (Automated Workers Union), and everyone already has access to medical care, “he tweeted.

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For her part, UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada said This is a statement The ruling “highlights significant flaws in U.S. labor law.” “There is a company here that has clearly violated the law, and yet, these workers have three years to achieve minimum justice,” he stressed. At this time, the car company has not commented on the matter.