December 10, 2022

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Tyson Fury finishes Dionte Wilder with a brutal knockout in 11 rounds

In Heavyweight Championship World Boxing Council Still on hand Tyson Fury After a better performance up front Dionte Wilder To close his trilogy at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anger Retained Belt With one Brutal knock out In the eleventh round after the battle both rivals visited the mat again, but in the end,Gypsy King‘Came out with a raised fist.

The fight started with an exchange of feet, with no study round Wilderness Take the initiative and land the best shots, but Anger A third of them did a lot of damage when they sent him to the canvas with a powerful bomb.

Against all contradictions, Wilderness He got up and turned on the champion’s alarms, sending him to the canvas twice in fourth place, however, he was unable to finish it, and from that moment on the fight continued with the ordered rhythm. Anger.

From the fifth day onwards, the British kept the ring, constantly injuring the face Wilderness, Who stands with a big heart.

But the fears did not end there Anger, Sent to canvas Wilderness Before finding the challenger face in the tenth roundGypsy KingPut in bad condition before the bell.

Motivation Wilderness It was temporary and good Anger He dominated again in 11th place and was responsible for finishing the triangle with a powerful blow to the faceBronze bombArbitrator Russell Mora was forced to drop the case.

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With this success, Anger His first successful defense Belt He also improved his record to 31-0-1 with 22 knockouts Wilderness It stopped at 41-2-1 with 41 chloroform.

In their first confrontation, Anger Get up from the canvas and retrieve a draw and stay undefeated in front Wilderness And Britain won his second fight by a knockout.