Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family – Blu-Ray Review

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy FamilyTyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family continues Tyler Perry’s very successful Madea franchise. Having never seen a ‘Madea’ film before, I was not coming into this with high expectations (aka The Klumps or Big Momma’s House ruined this genre for me).

Madea’s niece, Shirley, gets some unfortunate information. She hopes to share this information with her family and the rest of the movie is all about how successful (or unsuccessful) she is at getting the family together.

It is only when Madea steps into the picture that the family begins to come together. Meanwhile there are lots of side stories to deal with and although stereotypical there seems to be an undeniable ring of truth to the people, situations, and outcomes.
The Story (B+) – The trouble with writing this review is I feel I can’t say too much without giving some overwhelming spoilers away. The story is well told and even though we hadn’t watched a Madea film before we didn’t feel lost in the characters or story. It was a completely independent film and surprisingly powerful. It definitely had its funny moments but all in all this was a serious movie.

I suppose the only real thing we can say is this film is absolutely worth watching!

The DVD (B+) – Blu-ray is really the only way to watch films. The video, the sound, the quality, everything about watching a movie in blu-ray is better. There aren’t a whole lot of extras to this blu-ray but if you have blu-ray and appreciate 1080p its really the only way to watch this movie. Have you seen this? Tell us what you love about the blu-ray!

The Conclusion (B+) – The film covers some incredibly sensitive topics the least of which are dealing with cancer, rape, fatherhood, and family relationships. Don’t be fooled by the title … this is anything but a “Big Happy Family” … and for my 1st Madea experience the film was funny when it needed to be, unexpectedly serious, and although stereotypical … thought provoking.