November 28, 2022

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Two warships, one Russian and the other American, are almost starred in an incident in the Pacific Ocean

View of USS Safi DTG 90 US Ship (Photo: EFE / Zion Hyun-Kyun)

Two warships, a Russian and another American, approached an incident off the coast of Japan on Friday. When Russia has accused the U.S. Navy of approaching its maritime border. Washington denied it.

About 17:00 (08:00 GMT), US destroyer USS Safi, who has been operating in the Sea of ​​Japan (known as the East Sea in South Korea) for several days, “attempted to cross the border by accessing the territorial waters of the Russian Federation”, The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The ship against the submarine Admiral Tributes, Which was in the area, warned the foreign ship about these unacceptable acts, ”he added.

“USS Safi reaffirmed the commitment of the Russian team to avoid crossing national borders. Returned at 5:50 pm, while it was less than 60 metersFrom Admiral Tribute, the Russian Defense Ministry promised.

The Russian navy told the U.S. ship that it was in a closed area for navigation Due to the artillery attack as part of the 2021 Russo-China joint maritime maneuvers, “the report added.

Russian Navy to US ship
Russian navy announces US ship in “navigation closed” (Photo: REUTERS / Anton Vaganov)

The U.S. Navy denied the Russian claims. “Russian Defense Ministry report on connection between our two naval vessels is false”The U.S. military statement said

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian submarine was part of an anti-ship crew Tribute to Admiral, Gave a radio alert USS Safi That warns him “I was in a closed area for navigation due to artillery drills.”

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The American destroyer did not change course, on the contrary, He waved flags indicating that he was ready to pick up a helicopter from his base, meaning he could not change speed.The Russian Ministry said in a statement.

USS SAFI “conducts routine operations in international waters off the Sea of ​​Japan”, Said in a statement, Qualifying the connection between the two boats as “safe and professional”.

Washington agreed to it Russia had informed the US Navy of the maneuvers in the area, but insisted that they had been planned “in the afternoon.”

Russian ship Admiral Trippets (Photo: REUTERS / Stringer)
Russian ship Admiral Trippets (Photo: REUTERS / Stringer)

USS Safi “respects international law and customs” He noted that “the United States will continue to fly, guide and operate wherever international law allows.”

The incident lasted approx 50 minutes It also occurred on Peter the Bad Bay in the West Sea of ​​Japan.

Events with the Russian Navy are rare in the Pacific. The region is dominated by China, which faces routine patrols by the United States and its allies. The rights to free navigation in the international waters of the region must be upheld.

However, This is the second time in four months that Russia has expelled a NATO ship from the water.

In June he pleaded guilty British destroyer In the Black Sea, he said, it forced him to leave because it violated its territorial waters from the Crimea. London has rejected the Moscow version of the incident, claiming that its ship was operating legally in Ukrainian waters.

(With AFP and Reuters information)

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