December 1, 2022

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Two Iowa youths accused of killing Spanish teacher at their school | Univision News Events

Two high school students from Fairfield, Iowa, The Spanish teacher has been charged in connection with the death An incident that shocked the community.

Nohema Grober, 66, Has been a Spanish teacher at Fairfield High School since 2012. Reported USA Today . Police confirmed Thursday that the body, which was found Wednesday in Saudagua Park in the city, belonged to a woman who was reported missing that day.

Grabber, a mother of three, and one of her daughters wrote on Facebook that she was “a complete angel in our family.”

According to a report posted on the Fairfield City Facebook page, Willard Noble Seidan Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodell, both16 And students from the same school where Grober taught were charged with first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder.

“Based on the circumstances and their ages, Miller and Goodell are charged as adults,” the report describes.

Why are the police blaming the two youths for this crime?

Nohema Grober was last seen this Tuesday in Saudagua Park, where he walks every afternoon. Investigators found his body there under a tar, a wheelchair and a railroad track.

According to Local newspaper Des Moines record, The preliminary investigation indicated that Grober suffered a “head injury”, which is why they believe he was murdered.

The police approached the two youths Someone close to the two gave information from exchanges on social networks It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

According to him Des Moines record, The man who approached the criminal complaint admitted at trial that Miller was there at the time of the crime, provided used items and helped cover the body.

Grober, Fairfield Latin Community Leader

He was described by acquaintances of Nohema Grober as the leader of the Fairfield Latin community.

“He was an exceptional person, a beautiful person … especially with his family and even his students,” he said. Registration Edith Cabrera, 55, a city dweller and friend of Graber since 2005. “We do not know what happened. Why? He’s a great friend, a great community leader and still a great person,” he added.

For his part, said Larry Knoll, superintendent of the Fairfield Community School District A statement this Thursday “During her nine years at Fairfield High School, Ms. Grober touched the lives of many students, parents and staff.”

“We offer our condolences to Ms. Graber’s family, friends and loved ones. At this time, the well-being of our students and staff is our priority. As a community, we stand together in this tragic time, ”Knoll wrote.

Fairfield High School finished classes early Thursday and suspended classes this Friday, when an awareness program will be held to commemorate the teacher.