December 1, 2022

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TV producer Ramoncido Frias has died

One of the most active Dominican television entertainment producers of the 20th century, Ramoncito Frias, died of a heart attack this Monday.

Producer Abel Gonzalez died at the clinic, where he suffered a heart attack, journalist Jose Antonio Aibar said.

Evan Ruiz, producer of “El Show del Medio”, aired by Color Vision, said, “We join in the pain of the show’s partner and partner family.

He began stepping into television when he began his career as a sound engineer in the late 1960s.

He later gained experience in Puerto Rico and upon his return to Santo Domingo he became part of the “El Show del Mediodia”, which he entered in 1979 when it was broadcast on Radio Television Dominicana’s Channel 4.

Raman Frias has been the camera director of “La Gostambre” in his history, now known as “La Telerrealidat”, but was also an employee of space providers with personalities such as Yogi Nice del Risco and Daniel Thias. Alejo, Soyla Luna, Julie Carlo and others are not.

“When I passed El Show del Mediodia as a school, Picardo, who was the technology leader here, put it on El Show del Medioda. If Ramoncito says it didn’t work, it doesn’t work (how the technician tested it)”, Ramoncio said in his tribute Martinez (El Pacheá) recalls presenting to him in 2014 on his show “Pagate y gana con El Pachá”.

At the TV event, Frayas commented: “The Mid Show School did, first and foremost, the director and cameraman have to check the lights, there are many shows that don’t have television light and television. However, they are not used properly on television.

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He recalled that “El Show” had four orchestras and three jokes. It’s a titanic thing. We have to balance time with Babido Fernandez.

In the late ’70s and early’ 80s, Ramoncito performed “Wilfrido en Vivo” and “Timbo Joan” on Color Vision on “Big Saturday” from 1985, with McCordeau, Noorin Sanley, Maria del Carmen Hernandez, Roberto Salceto and Julio.

In recent years, Ramoncito has dedicated himself to independent programs, including Channel SI TV, Wind Telecom’s Channel 3 and Tricom’s Channel 38, which airs on Sundays from 11:00 pm to 12 noon. 00 AM

He worked on Channel 4 on “Los Noches Con Raman” and was known by the phrase of his “Oki Raman” show.