August 16, 2022

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Trump blames his daughter Ivanka for testifying before Commission of Inquiry into Capitol Hill attack | International

Capture video of Ivanka Trump’s statement released this Thursday at an extraordinary session of the delegation investigating the attack on Capitol Hill.AP

Donald Trump this Friday responded to revelations from the first session of the Commission to Investigate the Attack on Capitol on January 6 in prime time. He has done exactly that on the social website for his style, in this case Truth configured to fit him when he was fired from Twitter. And he didn’t even leave any bullets against his own daughter Ivanka, who was his favorite.

Ivanka was able to be seen Thursday night in the elegant congressional hall where the hearings are being held, the video excerpt of his eight-hour interview with the commission in April. In it, he stated that he respected the standards of William H. Barry, the then Attorney General of the United States, and therefore accepted “what he said.” This, as can be seen in another post, after the November election defeat, repeatedly warned the former president that he considered the theory that these were stolen from him to be “Bolshevik”.

“Ivanka Trump is not involved in monitoring or reviewing the election results. He’s been gone for a long time, and in my opinion, he’s trying to respect his position as Bill Barr and attorney general. “Trump posted on the social network.[Barr] Absorbed! “

Trump’s outrage at the trial did not stand up broadly against his daughter or Bar. In a series of press releases, he also rejected a statement by Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, vice president of the Presidential Commission, revealing that the transfer of power that day was planned to take place peacefully and ended with Harang. During a rally occupying the Capitol to shout “Hang Mike Pence”, Trump, a former president’s mob, agreed with the idea of ​​violence in conversations with his aides.

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I never said, “Let’s hang Mike Pence,” and never thought to say it. Trump wrote in a message about Cheney, one of his black tigers.

The commission has prepared a monograph (out of the six planned) to deal with pressure from former President Pence to do something that was not clear in his power: use his powers as vice president to secure the election vote. It gave victory to Trump’s opponent Joe Biden. On Thursday, it was reported that some of the Chancellor’s aides had considered implementing the Twenty-Fifth Amendment in the months leading up to January 6, giving it the power to transfer power from the president to the vice president in cases involving death counts., Resigns or terminates his post due to inability to perform his duties as White House tenant.

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