December 7, 2022

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Tough statement from Persia in response to threats …

Before announcements Alexander Seferin Announces possible veto FC Barcelona, Real Madrid Y Juventus, Who did not give up in an attempt to create one European Super League, The clubs involved have come to the defense against a position called “unacceptable” by the highest body of European football.

With the rejection of this plan, the pressures that teams still receive today are “unbearable” and Call for dialogue to find a solution that is favorable to both parties In support of mutual recognition and for the stability of football on the continent.

In this sense, according to the advertisers of a super league, they seek respect from companies, partners and fans who are taken into account to create the most attractive competition, which means a A higher source of income for teams.

Below, the full report

Regarding the UEFA report on the Super League on May 7 and the position taken by 9 of its founding clubs, Barcelona Football Club, Turin Juventus and Real Madrid Football Club Say the following:

· (I LHe has received Superlika’s founding clubs – and continues to receive – pressure, Threats and crimes, thus abandoning their plan, their responsibility, and their right to provide solutions to the football ecosystem through concrete plans as a result of constructive dialogue. This is unacceptable under the law and the courts have already ruled on the Super League plan, ordering FIFA and UEFA to deliberately withdraw when the judicial process is implemented., Directly or through affiliated companies, to penalize the founding clubs or to take any action against the Super League, thus acknowledging the good legitimacy of the initiative.

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The I (Ii) Super League program was jointly designed by its 12 founding clubs:

To. To provide solutions to the protracted situation currently facing the football family; 12 founding clubs and various players of European football have expressed their deep concern for the current socio-economic situation.It is necessary to carry out structural reforms aimed at ensuring the durability of our game. So, on April 18, 12 founding clubs announced their intention to create a Super League and establish a communication channel. UEFA Y FIFA, As notified to them on that date, in a constructive and cooperative manner between the parties;

b. From paying the utmost respect to the current structures of football and its ecosystem; In this regard, the founding clubs openly acknowledged it The Super League only takes place if the competition is declared approved by the UEFA and / or FIFA Or, on the basis of applicable legal framework, it was recognized as a competitive competition for all purposes with a continuum of founding clubs in their respective national competitions. However, despite knowing these terms, UEFA Y FIFA They refused to establish an adequate communication channel; Y

c. Bringing financial stability to the entire European football family is currently plagued by a deep crisis that threatens the survival of many clubs; Its model, The The Super League is considered to pay the annual unity payments that materially multiply what UEFA has to offer., And the duty to strengthen the rules of financial stability by creating clear, transparent and effective regulatory systems verified by experts.

(iii) Super League 12 was understood by the founding clubs as a unique opportunity to present the best show to fans around the world. And will increase global interest in the sport, which is facing new generation trends that threaten its future. On the other hand, it was also its primary subjectPromote women’s football worldwide, A historic opportunity for your promotion.

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· (Iv) Superlica developed the initiative and, as a result, we are fully aware of the diversity of reactions in very different regions. Reflect on the reasons that created these reactions and reconsider the necessary proposed approach. However, if we were aware of the needs of the football industry and the circumstances that led to the declaration of the Super League, we would have abandoned our mission of providing effective and sustainable solutions and answers to the threatening issues that we would face serious irresponsibility. Football.

V (V) After accepting some commitments with UEFA yesterday, we regret to find that our friends and the corporate partners of the Superlica project have immersed themselves in an irrelevant – and inconsistent position. However, later The material issues that led to the 12 clubs announcing the Super Club a few weeks ago have not disappearedWe reiterate that we have a duty to our partners and fans, regardless of our history, to act responsibly for our responsibility, for the financial stability of the game and for the good of football, and to be diligent in finding solutions. Despite the unacceptable pressure and threats we continue to receive from UEFA.

At the end of Vi (Vi), we reiterate to FIFA, UEFA and all footballers, as we have done on many occasions since the announcement of the Super League, Our commitment and determination to discuss, with unbearable respect, completely without unbearable pressure and respect for the rule of law, The most suitable solutions for the stability of the whole football family.

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