Total Recall 2070: The Complete Series – DVD Review


Total Recall 2070

Canadian television has filmed a few good series that should have lasted longer than they originally did. Take the 1999 production of Total Recall 2070. The series, which originally aired on the Hamilton, Ontario station CHCH television, was packed with action, science fiction and even a bit of nudity. The Complete Series has made its way to DVD in a strong collection of the compete 22 episodes.
Based on the Arnold Schwarzenegger hit movie, the television series doesn’t continue or even acknowledge the Schwarzenegger role, but it does have similarities.

Total Recall 2070 takes place in a dark, crowded, industrial and cosmopolitan setting. The government mostly runs at the behest of a small number of extremely powerful companies called "the Consortium" (including computer memory and virtual-reality vacation provider Rekall and android manufacturer Uber Braun). David Hume is a senior detective for the Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB), a police agency. After his first partner is killed by self-aware androids, he is partnered against his wishes with Ian Farve, an earnest and upright officer new to the department. Hume and the CPB often have conflicts with the Assessor's Office (the investigative agency that has sole jurisdiction over crimes related to the Consortium) and with the private security forces of Consortium companies.

The main story arcs of the series concern the agendas of the Consortium, Farve, Hume's wife Olivia, and the mysterious manufacturer of Alpha Class androids (including Farve himself). Significant plot elements remain unresolved due to the cancellation of the series, a crucial story arc from the series was the suggestion that the memory expansion used on self-aware androids was part non-human DNA and that a material found by a remote base on Mars could create a hybrid of human and android DNA.

Although not as poignant as the Schwarzenegger flick, Total Recall 2070 is highly entertaining, with decent effects and elaborate futuristic sets. The story is engaging and worthy of a weekly watch for six months.
Soap opera star Michael Easton does a fine job as David Hume, while another soap alumni Cynthia Preston rocks as Hume’s wife Olivia.

The six-disc collection, only available on DVD and only in Canada for that matter, is a nice addition to any sci-fi collection.

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