Tool Frontman Gives Vancouver Fans A Puscifer Lesson

PusciferWhat is a Puscifer? That was the question on my mind while I was on my way to the concert at the Center for Performing Arts on Friday night. The only thing I knew before I was on my way there was that it was a side project for Maynard James Keenan. Knowing him from the two other bands he is the frontman for ( Tool and A Perfect Circle) Two bands that I am a fan of, I was hoping for the best.

All I can say after the show is that everything Maynard touches turns to GOLD! The show was part concert and part funny video presentations on what is a Puscifer. The sketches in the video presentations had everyone in the building laughing. The concert started with a tent sitting in the middle of the stage with Maynard on his computer inside of it. That set the tone for the stage setup for the night, and we all sat around the campfire on the stage and listened to some amazing tunes. There are different members of the group every night for the whole tour.

The highlight was when they brought out Tim Alexander the drummer from Primus in his nice blue Tooth Fairy outfit to amaze us with his drumming skills. Nothing like a man in a tutu and tiara pounding on the drums! The opening band Sweethead, a side project for Queens of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen was a mix of blues and heavy rock. Serrina Sims the lead singer dressed in beautiful sequin dress and high heels could really belt out the tunes! They did a great job getting the crowd ready for a night of fun times and great music.

What more could we have asked for after Puscifer gave us a night of laughs and great music, but then Maynard made an amazing gesture of having the ushers hand out a copy of the CD "V is for Vagina" to everyone in attendance. What a great way to end a great show!

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Centre For Performing Arts
November 13, 2009
Vancouver, BC

Review By Gord Dunbar
Photos By Paul Oostergo