December 1, 2022

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Tony Sunny, a former American who hates El Tri and now has a Mexican family

His brother-in-law and nephew at the 2002 US World Cup share that he is Mexican and lives in full harmony with them even though he wears the rival team shirt.

Tony Sunny, Former football player of choice United States, Exclusively recalled ESPN At one point in his life he felt hatred towards the Mexican because of the football match, however, today he lives harmoniously within a Mexican family.

Mexico There is more credit for growth United States Because he was a real champion in the house next door, so it’s like a big brother, you will always return to see Mexico, You want to win it, that is your goal, your goal. We knew we would have no respect until we could play in Mexico, and they were close to us here. Many Mexican Americans here have caused confusion in some games. Having such a strong team they (Mexico) made it easy, but it was emotional and I hate Mexicans for competition, now my brother’s wife is Mexican, so my nephews (Mexican). The only challenge when looking now United States vs. MexicoThey wear a shirt from every team and we are a family now, ”he said.

Sunny was part of the team that beat El Tri in the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan., Defined 2-0 for northern neighbors in the 16th round. In that meeting, Sunny He recalled begging Cuauhtémoc Blanco for his shirt, and ‘Cuau’ took the situation in the best possible way.

“The last best memory was of facing the end of the game at the World Cup (South Korea and Japan 2002). It was so hard, we played so well, I hit Guahdemoko (Blanco), he started to get angry. Looking back, hey, can you give me your shirt after the game?” He looked at me, he was very frantic on the game, but he knew it was a sign of respect, he said, “Okay, okay” so we were both last minutes of the game quiet and ended without injuries.

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Sunny He promised that Cuauhtémoc would be the toughest player to score, “because you can not prepare for a player like him, some players are fast but if you (Jared) are playing against the fork, for example, you have to catch it. Do not let him enter the area, let him jump.” , It’s easy. You never know what he’s going to do with Cuauhtémoc, if he’s going to shoot or pass, he’s tried things you ‘ve never seen again in 20 years of playing, and for me it was a very complex challenge. It was a mental test for me. “

The oldest cave United States Against him திரி Era Columbus, with cold even for local players, however, this time Sunny Do not expect the temperature to be affected Mexico He believes Mexicans have a hard time on the field for living in Cincinnati, but on the stand.

The game at Columbus was complicated for everyone, I was the only idiot who came out with a short shirt, and that was the stupidest thing I ever did in my life., I think the game in Columbus was complicated because it was so cold, it’s not so cool at this time of year, I think we actually have more fans. United States Before that, in recent years they had shifted the games to those cities where they believed there was not much Mexicans I think there will be a lot of Mexicans on the stand because they wanted to make sure the stand had a better support system, but the fans United States It has grown strongly and it will feel like a home game to us, in that aspect it will be tough Mexico It is going to play against a country in its territory, ”he concluded Sunny.

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