Tony Grinder’s MotoPsycho Mania Thrills Abbotsford

Motopsycho Mania - Abbotsford, BCTony Grinder’s MotoPsycho Mania
Abbotsford Sports & Entertainment Centre, Abbotsford BC
January 29, 2012

Grindco Show Productions put on one of their Daredevil Motorcycle stunt and concert shows on Sunday Jan. 29, 2012. Advertised as Extreme Street Motorcyclists showcasing their insanity with an energy-charged concert by Tony Grinder and Means To An End.
As a fan of Goth Metal, Like Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie, I was looking forward to the concert and stunt show.  The stunt ramps and “Globe of Death” definitely held everyone’s expectations. I found the crowd was mostly young families with their children. Hardly the crowd for a Means To An End concert afterwards.
The show got off to late start. We all waited patiently and around 7:45, three tricked out street bikes rode around the arena floor on one wheel each. They did some neat tricks and then left after about 10 minutes leaving the air thick with the blue exhaust smoke. I could feel the exhaust fans working, sucking as much smoke out as possible. 
Looking around at the crowd I noticed all the children had ear defenders on. This was a loyal monster truck/extreme stunt crowd needing their fix of extreme ‘boy toys’. Most of the children were young boys, but everyone was having fun it seemed.
Their was no direction, no MC to guide us through the event. We didn’t know who the riders were. There was cool loud thrash metal music being played during the stunts – it sounded like White Zombie or maybe it was a Means To An End soundtrack. The bike engines shared the sound to make an interesting effect.
All of a sudden three more bikes came out and hit the ramps. This was the exciting stuff. I could not believe these guys didn’t hit the ceiling or each other. Side turns and back flips in the air, over and over again for about 20 minutes. Every once and a while they would go to the top of the receiving ramp and burn their tires.
This event would have been perfect outside. We started to get headaches from the Bikes’ exhaust smoke. I could see it getting sucked out the roof mounted ventilation units but I think it was too much. We got some fresh air and came back to watch the Globe of Death.
The Globe of Death was fantastic as the two riders going around this small metal globe were mere inches apart and they did it many times with no accidents. These riders were great. Another round of ramp jumping and another round of The Globe of Death. Then the finale with all six riders – three tricked out street bikes and the three daredevil riders. 
At the end, one rider thanked the crowd and there was a few minutes before Means To An End started their show. Their stage was set up to the left of the stunt show with a big area for us to go down to see the band up close. The show started with a thick fog and there they were. The sound was great, but where did the audience go? The crowd of young families had all but left. I checked out in the concourse and some of the riders were signing autographs. There were maybe a hundred people left.
I went back to the front of the stage. There were no chairs but there were some true goth, thrash and death metal heads there. The loyal fans were the only ones left – 20 or so. I enjoy good entertainment and Means To An End delivered.
This was the wrong audience for a goth/metal show, but the right crowd for the stunt show. Maybe a different time, summer and done outdoors and the music festival part of the show would have been a better turn out.
By 9:15pm the show was over.
Hats off to Tony Grinder and his vision of an extreme sports and music show . I think it’s a winner and his new vision of a NASCAR Race Goth Music combination will bring new fans to another extreme sport of car racing. He is an athlete, car racing driver, Motocross and BMX champion. He  is also a snowboarder and with his music and show production, there is no end to what we may see in the future from GRINDCO Productions.
Thanks Tony.