September 23, 2021

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Tommy Motola celebrates Talia’s 50th birthday

Entrepreneur and husband Talia He endorses the singer as he does every year for his first 5 decades of life. The Mexican actress, as always, has caused a stir on social media.

This August 26, Talia is 50 years old, Because luxuries, luxuries and gifts are not waiting Tommy Motola He does not save any expenses when he comes to his wife.

Photo: Instagram

We found it through the registration company’s social networks Talia He woke up to a house full of balloons, flowers, gifts and attention, or at least, he was not allowed to see him. Motola And Instagram.

Talia She appeared humorous as an old woman, while her husband posted her on social networks. It is noteworthy that the famous woman has not lost her sense of humor in these years.

Photo: Instagram

The soap opera actress then turned her celebrations into a luxury boat in which we have already seen her, from where she enjoyed an evening with her husband and children.

However, apparently the celebrations started last night, with a beautiful dinner and the singer was surprised with a large cake and candles. Birthday.

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