December 6, 2022

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Toluca vs USA (2-1) Semi Aida A2022 Match Summary. Goals” at half time

The America He destroyed all that records of Liga MX Will open in 2022 Done by Surrender to Toluk’s HellIn Ida semi-finalHis in a match worst enemy were Native Eagles with a Error panel It decreed that it was too expensive Lose 2-1But at least they don’t look hurt.

The Eagles conceded two goals, which could have been three had it not been for the referee Marco Ortiz marked asor no place A Goal by Camilo Sanveso Blue-Cream failed on another play.

Inaccuracies, poor decisions, few shots on target, were part of it Disadvantages are blue creamsAlthough The ‘gifts’ of Guillermo Ochoa and Emilio Lara are very expensiveIt practically defined the course of the tournament, where the extravagant style seen in other tournaments today was a ghost in the pomponera.

At the beginning of the game Alexander Zendejas carried at speed Walber Huerta And kicked the goal, but Thiago Volpi made the save. It seemed like it would be the tonic of the game, but no. The truth is, the Eagles have done better, but not been the team that has strung together many goal games.

That’s up to safety at the start Carlos Guzman was blown away Laura.

Because then everything changed Paco Memo failed to exit During a front center and Gave Toluca a goal. The ball was used Hared Ortega 1-0.

came later Emilio Lara is wrong When he pulled up Jean Menezes In that area, after the defender gave Ochoa a foul ball. The punishment was clear And referee Marco Ortiz didn’t hesitate to flag him down, unleashing madness in Nemesio Tez Stadium. Wolby As a collector.

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However, the ball was taken Leo Fernandez won 2-0. The Uruguayan is one of the team’s official goalscorers, which is why Volpi didn’t ask for the ball.

Then he started noticing Toluka Fatigue Because they stopped fighting for the ball in the opposite field America reactedPartly due to changes Fernando “Tano” Ortiz Which was correct Brian Rodriguez.

Thus it came Minute 78 There was a long passage cut well Henry MartinWho entered the area and placed a low center Emilio Laura. Yes, the kid ran all over the playground to score And still had energy Scream it furiously.

America I tried volpi reflexes Two more times as he went out on the attack. Toluca defended himself as best he could Now everything is ready for the second stage, where the worst advantage against the best team in the tournament does not seem to be enough.