September 29, 2022

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TOKYO 2021 – Honduras Under-23 national team falls prey to Japan’s first friendship before the 10th.

The Honduras U23 national team Today they lost 3-1 Japan In Osaka in preparation for the Olympics Tokyo 2021.

The Asian team was the first to score in this confirmation, scoring two goals in the first half.

1-0 came after a set piece and 2-0 (in the 40th minute) a big collective game, where they removed the Katracha defense.

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Honduras’ reaction came in the second half. Ricoberto Rivas He scored the only goal for the Olomobica national team, bringing them closer to the scoreboard in the 65th minute.

Honduras measured forces against Japan, but was unable to take the victory.

Ricoberto Rivas He received an excellent filtered pass, and he finished with the tip of his right foot, entering the ball in the middle of regeneration.

The third goal was already selected in the final part of the game Japan To punish Honduras With a 3-1.

Honduras coach Miguel Fallero started the confirmation with these 11: Alex Keiti, Wesley DeCas, Denil Maldonado, Christopher Melandes, Jose Garcia; Carlos Pineta, Pinto, Edwin Rodriguez, Alejandro Reyes; Palma and Penguche.

Japan scored three goals against Honduras in a friendly match in Osaka.

This is the first friendship Honduras Facing Olympic Games From Tokyo 2021.

The second fight to make Bicolor ahead of the Olympics will be against the powerful Germany next Saturday, July 17th.

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