December 7, 2022

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Tocadito Corona surpasses Carlos Vela and Cicardo as highest paid Mexican footballer

The highest paid Mexican people are in MLS, Vela and Cicero, but that could change if they agree to the terms of the Porto Jesus Corona to renew the contract.

The crown of Jesus He aims to become the highest paid Mexican footballer in the 2021-2022 season. After eight years in Old Continent football, he wants to move forward with his excellent deal with FC Porto, which includes a four-fold pay rise to protect the Dragons.

According to reports, Decadito Corona According to salary sources, he wants a salary of மில்லியன் 6 million a season to extend his contract with Porto, which expires in 2022.

Porto Forward’s new contract will be higher than the income they will receive Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez, Two of the highest paid in MLS, earning 5.3 million and 5 million euros, shame Decadito Corona.

Hirving Lozano is still the highest paid Mexican footballer in Europe, according to the annual salary report released by Gazzeta dello Sport.

Decadito Corona He is the ninth highest paid player in Porto, where Brazilian Felipe Anderson has the best income with 4.9 million euros. Elements such as Pepe, Auguston Marceson and Matthias Eurip have better returns than Mexico, which joined the Dragons in 2015.

Hector Herrera and Raul Jimenez are the second and third highest earners of Mexican players on the Old Continent. Atletico de Madrid midfielder with வருமான 3.7 million in revenue, wolves move forward with 4 2.4 million, situation will change if Porto meets requirements The crown of Jesus.

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Andres Cortado, Nastor Arojo and Atsan Alvarez have similar income ranges in Europe from 1.6 to 1.8 million euros a year.

The lowest-earning Mexican players in European football are ிக்ric Guterres, Gerardo Ortega and Diego Lines, with an income of less than a million dollars a season.

Salary for Mexican footballers in Europe 2021-2022

Jesus Corona 6.0 million euros

Carlos Vela 5.3 million euros

Javier Hernandez 5 million euros

Lozano 4.5 million euros

Hector Herrera 3.7 million euros

Raul Jimenez 2. 2.4 million

Andres defended 1.9 million euros

Nestor Arujo 1.8 million euros

Atson Alvarez 1.6 million euros

Érick Gutiérrez 0.7 million euros

Gerardo Ortega 0.5 million euros

Diego Linus 0.4 million euros

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