Titan’s Eve Could Be The Second Coming of Thrash

Titan's EveTitan’s Eve
Funky Winkerbean’s
Vancouver, BC
February 19, 2011

Concert Photos
by Mhelanni Gorre

A bar like Funky Winkerbean’s in Vancouver is one of those places where you end up finding a cool little band that you hope can remain your little secret forever. Sometimes the bands stay a secret and other times the word gets out. On this night, metal act Titan’s Eve took to the stage to promote their debut album The Devine Equal and believe me the word is now out.

Founded by brother guitar/singing duo Brian and Kyle Gamblin, they are joined by Jesse Hord on bass and Casey Ory on drums to create a powerful dose of melodic and brutal metal. The band sounds like an offshoot from the Bay Area metal scene, but the addition of the melodic elements put them a step ahead of the typical Bay Area thrashers. The sound is hotter than hell and what could be described as the second coming of thrash. Think Megadeth meets Motorhead.

The crowd was really strong and supportive for the hometowners, as they jammed up to the stage and formed a sensational mosh pit. Brian invited up people onto the stage at one point to chug beers with him as they worked through the energetic set featuring Judgement, Becoming the Demon and Nightfall.

The Devine Equal album is available on their website for a pay as much as you want download – so it doesn’t get any easier and cheaper than that to get some original metal on your iPod. Also, don’t forget to check the band out March 19 at the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver for another show.