August 20, 2022

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Tijuana vs USA (2-0) Match Summary. Goal and half time

The Xolos from Tijuana were discovered in America A perfect prey to get his first win Opening match 2022, a later Joaquín Montecinos great game; Rather, the team Ferdinand Ortiz He is not playing well, he is already adding between friendlies and league Four failures within a month.

The tano ortiz With so little work time and so many games in between, he couldn’t find a way to make use of his reinforcements; Uruguayan Jonathan Rodriguez does a lot of physical work, but he doesn’t bring the same level of skill he showed in Cruz Azul. Azulgreema’s problem is the Eagles’ lack of shots on goal.

A penalty changed the score

The scoring opened in the 9th minute after a dispute with VAR; Everything happened to one person Jorge Sanchez’s foul on Alexis Canelo, That Referee Fernando Hernandez Not detected, but He was invited to study the play.

Between the whistle and the technical issues, it took almost five minutes of the game to award the penalty; Finally, Lisandro López was blamed for it by tricking goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. It was 1-0 to Xolos.

The Eagles couldn’t react, they were missing team football, their players continued to take the ball and struggle to get closer to the Xolos goal, but no one knew how to take the responsibility. The contest was diluted in the face of bravery by the Zolos team At every meter of the playground.

It was fair It was the beginning of the second half when the best version of Xolos came And as evidence of the goal play, Tijuana’s team cornered the Eagles after about five minutes of siege.

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Difference of Monticinos

First of all Montesinos took advantage of Memo Ochoa’s poor start to produce a personal performance In the area, but given the difficulty of starting a shot, he gave the ball away Lucas RodriguezThe goal scorer appeared later to put it under the post Bruno Valdes to divert

A minute later he appeared Diego Valdez Work this time on the goal line to save from another shotand Federico Lertora, After kicking a corner; Montesinos’ goal came in the next cornerTaking advantage of a rebound, a long-range shot went between three defenders to make it 2-0. Ochoa He no longer reacts.

Within a month, The Eagles lost to Rayados and Xolos in Liga MX; what else, Defeats against Chelsea and Manchester City from the Premier League added to the international tour. It’s been a tough month for the Eagles tano ortizWho will play against Real Madrid now amid this crunch of results?