Tiësto Brings A Bit Of Vegas DJing To Victoria In Massive Show

Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre
Victoria, BC
May 1, 2011

Photos By: Chris Turner

People of all ages fumbled through security May 1st to see Tiësto, the first ever electronic music show in Victoria's Save-On-Food Memorial Centre. Housing everything from The Killers to Judas Priest, SOF has become a major destination on the world tour circuit while still being home to the Salmon Kings year round. As the line dissolves past the front doors a steady whomp echoes through the circular hall drawing in neon clad teenage dance fans along with an older crowd of club goers.

Although a first for the arena, these wobbling walls of bass are no stranger to the residents of Victoria as the music comes alive at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival (VEMF) in late July, where crowds of up to 15'000 attend this free dance party in downtown Victoria for the last seven years. Expected to be largest year yet, VEMF hosts major local talent drawing in young DJ's from all over BC and beyond, such as Flipside, the trio Excision, Datsik and Downlink (who got first poke at the techno beehive before Tiësto hit stage). The great DJ's had the fans dancing up and down the arena with their collaborated flexible mixes of incredible bass. Following up to these very enthusiastic DJ's was Hardwell, who had no problem handling the big stage on his own, pumping out beats with a big smile on his face.

Tiësto hits stage like a magician in a movie with lights and lasers, smoke and stars glittering across the squash court sized screen behind his bobbing head. With the wave of his hands, the crowd is gathered up in a single breath to be thrown loose infected with his quick and upbeat tance like music. Famous for his Trance/House beats around the globe, Tiësto has taken dance music into a new era single handed with the illustriousness tile "The Greatest DJ Of All Time’ claimed by Mixmag. Once DJ Tiësto, and now just Tiësto, has become a brand name for dance music with his own show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. He also has two radio stations in Europe and is a producer through his own label Musical Freedom, not to mention the immense collaborations with artists such as Teagan & Sara, Busta Ryhmes, Diplo and Nelly Furtado. So massive has his Tiësto brand gone global that he was the first ever DJ to perform on stage at the Summer Olympics in Athens 2004.

At this point the show has really just started as the screen lights up "Tiësto" in glittering silver clad letters while every light on hand sweeps the arena in a light show worthy of a Las Vegas residency. Over three hours of non stop fluid sound produced personally by the most well composed DJ on the scene, never even breaking a sweat, the fans are in a frenzy with people dancing in every aisle, every passageway, while in line for the ATM, water and the bathroom.

Hands in the air, bodies swaying to and fro, "Victoria" screams across the screen unleashing a wave of excited shouts from the thriving fans enchanted by the incredible display of sound and visuals. As the night rolls on SOF empties out leaving no doubt that more DJ's would be visiting this beautiful "Garden City" in the future.

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