December 1, 2022

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Three distributors and J&J to pay $ 26 billion to settle lawsuits over opioid crisis | Univision Health News

Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Cardinal health Y Amerisource Bergen They not only burned the fuse, but also ignited the fire of opioid drugs For more than two decades. Today we Responsibility It pays tens of thousands of dollars to these companies and to communities across the country, ”James said in a statement.

This agreement, which qualifies as “historic”, will come to an end Cases driven by numerous states and cities Will provide significant funding against the four organizations and to support communities most affected by drug and narcotics abuse.

As part of this agreement, J&J agreed to pay Billion 5 billion in nine years, And three distributors 21 billion in 18 years, To put an end to some 4,000 cases.

The deal was confirmed this Wednesday by lawyers from James and several other states This is temporary, Because now it still needs to be approved Multiple states within 30 days and multiple communities within 150 days.

If a sufficient number of them support it, it will be useful Signatories will start receiving money from companies.

For example, New York, If you have already closed part of the contract on its own on Monday, you will receive billion more than 1 billion Instead, he will remove three distributors from the ongoing investigation on Long Island, the chief with the arbitral tribunal in the United States in connection with the opioid crisis.

After the prosecution agreed to pay $ 230 million and abandon the business, one of the defendants, Johnson & Johnson, had already escaped prosecution.

Legal battles continue

In recent years, many companies have already agreed to provide compensation for their liability in crisis.

Currently, there are ongoing lawsuits involving companies such as New York and California Deva and Allergan, The big pharmaceutical chains are waiting to launch operations against them in the coming months.

Meanwhile, other companies prefer Burdock Pharma, Is considered the manufacturer of a popular product that is one of the main culprits of the opioid problem Of oxycondine, Have declared bankruptcy To face the large sums of money demanded of them.

Aggressive promotion Most addictive pain medications It has been considered by many experts to be the trigger for the opioid crisis since the mid-1990s, causing more than 500,000 deaths in the United States over the past 20 years.

All parts of the distribution network Major distributors, pharmaceutical networks and physicians, large laboratories such as Burdock, J&J, Deva, Allergan or Endo have been the target of lawsuits, previously accused of trivializing drugs allocated for the treatment of more serious illnesses.

This drug became addictive to opioids and many patients later began to use it Powerful illegal derivatives such as heroin or fentanyl, In the form of several excess sizes.

Infection worsens during corona virus infections: More than 93,000 people He died of an overdose of drugs often linked to opiates in 2020, an increase of 30% over the previous year, according to official figures released by the National Health Statistics Center last Wednesday. Of those deaths, 69,710 were due to opioid overdose.