November 28, 2022

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Three clubs ready to sign a goal scorer


Earling Holland His name sounds louder than ever as ‘9’ is in the corner of the winter market where the biggest clubs in Europe are fighting.

Holland was able to go to this giant company in Italy for only 2 million euros

The 21-year-old may step forward Borussia Dortmund At an affordable price in 2022, because there is a deletion rule 75 million euros It can enable it to carry his signature.

In an interview with the German newspaper Bild Oliver Conn, Director Bayern Munich, Confirmed this clause and the exporter said that they have the money to make a large scale transaction. Holland. The aforementioned source added: “His contract with Dortmund will last until 2024, but he could leave Borussia in the summer for a fixed number of 75 million euros.”

But despite that, Herbert Heiner, Chairman Bayern, Dismissed that they already had no intention of signing in Norway Lewandowski, Although the board of directors of the Bavarian club has not yet completely closed this opportunity.

“He’s planning a super transfer,” Bildt wrote in Munich Holland, Who will not move from the Bundesliga. Optional, however Dortmund This happens by trying to retain the player, for which they are willing to double his salary.

Who wants to hire Norwegians?

Following that, the German newspaper pointed out which of the three clubs intended to sign the young score. “Real Madrid, Manchester City and Manchester United are willing to pay this transfer fee,” they say.

It should be noted that the interest of the meringue set was equal Dortmund CEO confirmed, Advised to stay one more year ahead so that he can make progress before making the big leap.

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