December 7, 2022

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This is what the Honduran coach thinks about the situation in Guskatlan

Of the technical system Honduras national team Waiting to see what the atmosphere will be like on the field Cascatlon For this Sunday meeting Savior And the Honduran team by date 2 Concacaf octagonal.

It is no secret that the ‘colossus’ of Montserrat was a pre-existing panorama United States Thursday night raised a number of comments from the international press highlighting the prevailing situation at the San Salvador Stadium.

With the arrival of the Honduran team in Cascadelas, many questions will be asked to Bicolor’s technician, Fabian Coyto, About the circumstances of Sunday’s fight.

Playing with a full stadium in El Salvador will be an inspiring feature for our team“, Strategist Diez told the newspaper.

Always in the same newspaper ‘Diez’, the South American coach stressed that the first minutes of a match are important when the whole stadium is against you.

Trying to control the first few minutes is a characteristic of the games we play as a spectator, because the home team, supported by public sentiment, quickly comes out with the intention of gaining an advantage. So, you have to control it“.

Despite the situation against the Honduran team, coach Coyote noted that sometimes having fans against it further motivates the player and reveals better performance.

It affects the quality and character of each footballer, I believe it is the motivating element for our team to play with the feeling that there is a stadium against you, but it is a great performance, motivates the footballer to focus more and beware“.

For the match against the United States, all available tickets were sold out, which was 29,000 tickets, however, the latest reports indicate that there are tickets for the clash with Central America’s neighbors, so there may be less fans at the memorial Sunday.

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On the same page of digital media, they also compiled the moment when a motorbike exploded outside the stadium while Gio Reena was surprised when the American anthem was sung.

He should stop talking about what the Honduras coach thinks about the team led by Hugo Perez and what kind of game he expects this weekend.

I saw a lot of El Salvador until yesterday. As part of the production I’m going to watch that game now, they have an important change, they have grown collectively, a team that has played good matches against the competing teams in that area, so, we have to be very careful with the idea that they have their football players and as a team. A group that goes forward, it puts a lot of pressure and attacks many people. It will be a very difficult game, but we also have things to get to the end“.