May 23, 2022

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This is the new Champions League announced by UEFA

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The new Champions League was already announced this Tuesday UEFAECA and European leagues, as well In 2024 there will be 36 teams Instead of 32, there will be changes, including the allocation of two seats to unclassified clubs and the controversial area at the top of the rankings. European Union.

Now the leagues that created the best previous season will be rewarded according to their own rankings, which gives them the opportunity Premier League Y League Up to 5 teams must qualify for the championships each season.

Another change you made UEFA The number of games played, because they are Eight games in the first phaseIt was different from the 10 initially proposed, but had to be adjusted due to complex tables. Spanish League And English.

Changes in form will be applied Europa LeagueWith eight games in the league stage Conference LeagueWith six games in the league stage, both with 36 teams.

“Today’s results Complete a comprehensive consultation process During this we heard Amateur ideasPlayers, coaches, member associations, clubs and leagues, “said the UEFA President Alexander Seferin.

New locations will thus be provided; One will go to the club in third place in the Federation Championship in the fifth match UEFA Ranking StatusThe other will advance by so-called expanding to four to five clubs while being national champions Champion Path.

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