September 30, 2022

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This is how the qualifying round qualifiers for Qatar 2022 go after seven games; Ecuador’s national team in World Cup qualifiers | Football | Sports

Ecuador beat Paraguay 2-0 and began actively discussing a ticket to the World Cup.


Brazil travels non-stop to Qatar-2022, extending seven consecutive wins in the South American qualifiers on Thursday, with Messi relieved after beating Argentina and Copa America in July, sending Venezuela 3-1 in the Caracas.

Keep in mind that on this ninth day, dates seven and eight are still controversial, Ecuador beat Paraguay 2-0 and began to actively discuss ticket for the World Cup and Colombia regained a point at the height of La Paz. Race to fight for another of the four direct allocations for Qatar-2022.

Selenao did not even stop against Chile and beat them 1-0 in Santiago, and nine of them, many of whom were starters, were unable to join the squad as England clubs refused to pay their players. Long-term isolation upon return to South America due to corona virus infection.

Coach Tide was forced to reform his call-up and leave regular openers in England such as Diego Silva (Chelsea), goalkeeper Allison (Liverpool) and forward Richardson (Everton) and Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City).

Join hands with Neymar, Selenao on the other hand is taking a firm step towards the 2022 peak date and after the win against Chile with a goal against Everton Ribeiro for 64, its archbishop Argentina awaits revenge in the US Cup final on Sunday in S பாo Paulo.

Chile had six divisions and was seventh in the danger zone. A new fall could ruin his dream of returning to the World Cup after frustrating his Russia-2018 tour.

Messi was released

Argentina continued their winning streak after beating Venezuela 3-1 on Thursday to win the Copa America in July.

The Argentine captain, who was heavily beaten by the Venezuelan players, relaxed, stressed, and pulled the strings after carrying a heavy bag with four failed finals, three of which were consecutive (Copa America 2007, 2015 and 2016 and 2014 World Cups).

La Albiceleste is now second in the rankings, with 15 points, six places to Brazil, and Ecuador, who beat Paraguay at home, seem to have cut off two regional powers on their way to the 12th and 2022 World Cups.

When defender Luis Martinez was sent off in the 32nd minute after a furious kick to Messi, everything was transferred to Albichelest, who blocked his breath in Buenos Aires and Paris.

Center forward La Toro Martinez opened the scoring at the end of the first half (45 + 2), and while the filling was average, it was disbanded by Korea, Joaquin (71) and Angel (74) in the first game after Argentina won. Copa America against Brazil in Maracana (1-0) after 28 years of drought.

Talented Jefferson Sodelto, the best Vinodino footballer, took the penalty from Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and narrowly reduced the deficit to 90 + 4.

Ecuador is ineffective

The Ecuadorian team of Argentina Gustavo Albaro finally reaped what they sowed throughout the game. When it appeared that Paraguay would reach another draw, Felix Torres scored in the 88th minute and Michael Estrada ended the world-wide 90 +5 lead.

Paraguay, on the other hand, paid for its low ambition and now with seven points in the same number of games, its future is in jeopardy.

Earlier, Colombia lost a major victory shortly before the end of the match, but celebrates the tough redout point of La Paz (3,600 meters above sea level), leaving Reynoldo Ruda-led team in fifth place in the recycling zone.

In the 83rd minute, with a provocative shot lurking on a stick from the half moon, Fernando Saceto sealed the tie for Bolivia, breaking the coffee record after Colombian Roger Martinez (69) opened the scoring.

However, those from the Highlands face a more complex panorama with 6 points in 7 games and face the distant horizon of returning to the World Cup after their last experience in the United States in 1994.

La Celeste left without Cavani and Suarez

Without two English thugs, Luis Suarez (injury) and Edison Cavani, Uruguay recovering a draw against Peru in Lima (1-1) are fourth in the qualifying zone.

Despite leaving the base of the table (5 points), Peru suffered the most as a result as they were far from fighting for a pass to the World Cup.

If Russia want to compete in another World Cup after 2018 after 36 years, they must start adding wins without much delay. (D)

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