July 5, 2022

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This is how Real Espana de Vargas’ victory over Vida in La Ceiba came to life minute by minute.


90 + 8 min: At the end of the match, Real Espana beat Vida 1-0 in La Ceiba and Clausura reached 15 points in the tournament, where they are now fourth. The only goal of the game was scored by Ketzel Montes.

Minute 90: Seven more have been added to La Ceiba.

Minute 84: Real Spain is close to achieving a valuable victory. Vida continues to attack in La Ceiba.

79: UUUFFFF … Another amazing save by Pupa Lopez on the forehand by Juan Contreras. The machine is saved.

Minute 75: Luis Lopez defends Real Espana with a header from Juan Contreras. Close to life!

Minute 71: A weak shot from Lago and Roberto Lopez made it almost impossible to keep the ball.

Minute 69: Pupa was shot by Contreras as he crossed Lopez’s goal.

Minute 67: Kevin Alvarez made a big cross to Ramiro Rocca from the right, he connects with Header, but Marcos Velasquez arrived just in time to finish it.

Minute 63: The first yellow card of the match went to Rafael Agames.

Minute 58: Change in Real Spain, Omar Rosas enters for Jason Majia.

Min 55: Life 0-1 Real Spain.

Minute 50: Roger Sander shoots towards the target in an action that marks the balance for Vida. Agames helped.

48 minutes: Sergio Pena fouled Luis Lopez after receiving a free kick from the right side.

Minute 46: The second half begins in La Ceiba, where La Magvina wins the least of the coconut trees, filling in for Rafael Agamos (for Ferreira).

45 + 6 min: At the end of the first half, Real Espana won 1-0 against Vida with a goal from Ketchel Montes.

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45 + 3 min: Benavidas’ free kick and Rocca could not connect properly with his head. Vargas’ team creates a lot of risk from the set piece.

45 minutes: Six more have been added to La Ceiba.

Minute 41: Another free kick from Vita crosses the goal.

36 minutes: Real Spain improve after the goal and Vida tries to react.

Minute 31: GOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Real Spain, Ketzel Montes won 1-0 against Vida. The corner kick was activated by Joe Benavides and the center pack went up and knocked down Roberto Lopez.

Minute 29: The center of Lago is the center of the area, but neither Rocao nor Benavidezo can connect. 0-0 remaining.

Minute 23: Wide left footed shot from Ferreira. Life continues to reach the goal of Pupa Lopez.

Minute 19: UUUFFF … Luis Melandes’ excellent game, entered the area between two men, but could not finish each other, he came out well.

Minute 18: Jeyson was right in the center of the majesty and Lago could not connect well with his head. It was even more so.

15 minutes: Life 0-0 Real Spain.

Minute 11: The first warning of danger from Real Espana, to Lahore, could not end comfortably within that area due to the pressure of Vita’s security.

Minute 7: Vida starts better than Real Spain in these first minutes in La Ceiba.

Minute 3: Vita got another free kick near that area, now Carlos Arqueta tried. The ball went above the horizontal of Louis Lopez.

Minute 2: Carlos Sanchez collides with Del Vida’s free kick.

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Minute 1: The match starts at Ceibeño Stadium, Vida and Real Espana want to finish the first round of the tournament with a win.

7:28 PM: Now Real Spain is coming to La Ceiba. The stands have Arinecross fans.

7:26 pm: Vida first arrives at the Ceibeño Stadium grounds. The stage is short of fans.

7:11 PM: Real Spain announce 11 starting players: Pupa Lopez, Franklin Flores, Devron Garcia, Ketzel Montez, Kevin Alvarez, Maron Flores, Joe Benavides, Gerson Chavez, Jason Mejia, Lagayo and Ramiro Rocca.

7:04 pm: Vita confirms his 11 starting players against Real Spain: Roberto Lopez, Luis Melandes, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sanchez, Carlos Arqueta, Roger Sander, Sergio Pena, Marcos Velasquez, Marvin Bernardo, and Marvin Bernardo.

6:55 pm: Vida and Real Espana football players are already on the heat. Important match for both teams.

6:53 pm: The match between Vida and Real Espana is set to start at 7:30 p.m. Meanwhile, fans continue to flock to Ceibeño Stadium.

6:39 pm: Little by little the public begins to come to Ceibeño Grounds. Tonight Vita can be put at the forefront parallel to Olympia.

6:33 pm: Both teams are already at Ceibeño Stadium.

6:30 pm: Welcome to the minute by minute of the match between Vida and Real Espana in La Ceiba starting the 9th day of the Glasura 2022 tournament.

————————————————- – ————

The Glossura 2022 match of the National League He finishes the first round this weekend and does so with many risky duels such as the clash between Lifespan And Royal Spain (7:30 pm), which opens this Saturday at Ceibeño Stadium on the 9th.

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Hector Vargas, Under the leadership of Arinekros, he expects a fourth consecutive victory and a fifth victory after Podro Guterres.

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If they can beat the ceibeños, they will advance to third place, which is almost impossible to predict after the four defeats added at the start of the championship a month ago.

In the last match, La Magvina had a major win against the Reds and retained the top spot.

For its part, the Fernando Mira-led team beat Real Sociedad 4-0 and with tonight’s victory they can tie Pablo Lavallen’s Olympia with 16 points.

Previous in statistics

Lifespan And Royal Spain They have met in 205 games. Arinecross added 80 wins, Cocoderos won 54 duels and tied 71 times.

Now, the series between the two teams playing in La Ceiba is as follows: 95 games played, Lifespan Success 32, Royal Spain Has amassed 24 wins and is tied 39 times.

It should be noted that Royal Spain De Hector Vargas is going to match the five wins he won in the first round of the 1990-1991 tournament.

Possible rows:

Lifespan: Roberto López, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sinchez, Carlos Argueta, Marcos Velásquez, Alexander Aguilar, Roger Sander, Sergio Peña, Marvin Bernardez, Antony García and Patrick Ferreira.

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Kervin Alvarez, Ketzel Montes, Tevron Garcia, Franklin Flores, Maron Flores, Gerson Chavez, Jr. Lago, Joao Benavides, Omar Rosas and Ramiro Rocca.

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