May 20, 2022

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This is a match between Louis Diaz at Manchester City vs Liverpool. Premier League

Louis Diaz was the initiator. Let me once again complete one of the most feared tridents in Europe with Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah. That alone is already an achievement.

It’s Jrgen Klopp’s bet on a decisive match in which only one contestant will come out alive, which speaks volumes about the immense confidence he has in him.

In between was a new date Manchester City and Liverpool now reach FA Cup semi-finals And the Colombian attended, was more of a team player than an invitation to appear on the cards. A 3-2 win means he accomplished his personal mission.

He was Mane’s second goal, a kick open to the opposite pole until he reached his side and reached Senegal and his fantastic definition. And a new aid for Salah almost scored, and in the end, Manchester City topped, but could not be precisely defined by the Egyptians.

He continued to be a threat in the rest of the game, he made some very difficult mistakes from Fernando and Cancello, and he was responsible for covering his point, especially with great success in the first half.

“He surprised the Reds fans by showing his fast legs in midfield and gave Cancello a tough time so City were embarrassed to deal with. Notably,” the newspaper said of his work. Liverpool Echo, giving him 8 rating points.

Mane surpassed him, with his double century the figure of the fight and Diego performing well, both with 9 points. He surpassed Salah (7). Another good day at the office for farmers. Fortunately, this has become commonplace.

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