December 7, 2022

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They threw money from a plane at Metaphone, a former mayoral candidate

According to preliminary investigations, the former candidate of the Metaphone Commune was shot near one of the markets in that border town.

Ricardo Bolanco, the former mayoral candidate of the Gran Allianza Bor La Unidat (Ghana) party, was assassinated this Friday afternoon in the border town of Metabon, where he lived, police sources said.

The sources pointed out that the politician was shot dead near Market No. 1 in Metaphine at around 4:00 p.m.

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Sources said that Ricardo Bolanco would have had at least six shots.

He was transferred to a hospital in the same city, but died on the way.

Bolanco ran in the last municipal election to capture the metropolis of Metaphysics, a city in the Santa Ana sector, which continues its reputation as a drug smuggler and cigarette smuggler and human trafficker.

At the end of the recent election campaign, Bolanco was disgraced for starting a campaign with money linked to various departments of the municipality from a plane, for which he was condemned before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for what he considered to be electoral fraud, as he sought to buy the will of the electorate.

Candidate Ricardo Bolanco confirmed that he had stacked the money on the pages of other newspapers. Photo EDH / file

Hours after the election silence for mayoral candidates came into effect, flyers rained down on the metropolitan municipality; Some had five or 10 dollar bills at stake.

Bolanco has already contested in the same Ghanaian party for the Metabeneca community in the 2018 municipal elections, and his main campaign promises to build a technology company.

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Metaphone is located 100 kilometers from San Salvador and is the site of various attacks on local politicians and cities in neighboring Guatemala.
Many of these attacks have been linked to power groups linked to cross-border drug trafficking.