May 19, 2022

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They reveal what Jose Juan Macias told Marcelo Liono to be part of the Sivas against Lyon

The Mexican gunner is looking forward to his debut against Esmeraldas this Saturday.

They reveal what Macias said to allow Liano to play
© Figure 7They reveal what Macias said to allow Liano to play

Jose Juan Masias was added to the list of 21 players along with Sivas de Guadalajara. He will face Leon that night This Saturday, the 6th day of the 2022 Closing Tournament, L.A.Or last minute innovation because of being a technician Marcelo Leaño will not take it into account when he considers that he is not yet 100% physical.

However, the exact attacker He went to the trainer of the holy flock and asked for the opportunity to join those who were invited On Friday afternoon they made a ground trip to the city of Guanajuato Although he has not fully recovered from his physical problems, You know you can contribute if needed.

According to L Universal, JJ Macías will go on the bench and will not be part of the fight team within the U-20 division, Given that The personality training of the scorer made the staff happy And with it Get it for at least a few minutes If Sivas needs your services

“The training staff analyzed the problem, looked at the player’s mood and consulted with the physical trainer, It was decided he would not play with the U-20 representative, he has already been on the first team since match 6 on this date, it is true that he is not one hundred percent, he has 45 minutes, “he said. This is something published by the aforementioned media.

Since when has Macias not played with Sivas?

The most recent game included On May 9, 2021, JJ Chivas saw the action with his shirt when confronted by Guadalajara Pachuka. In the Clausura 2021 Repechage, the striker had a fight that involved 45 minutes in clearing the herd that semester.

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