November 28, 2022

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They release a video of tennis player Peng Shuai at a sporting event

The Chinese Government Press On Sunday, tennis star Peng Shuwaizan released videos showing him running and in good condition as the crowd increased. International pressure For information on his location.

Videos have been added to other films released on Saturday night on social networks Chinese state media Of a tennis player 35 years, Amid worldwide shock about where he is.

Peng Shuai, 35, former world number one in doubles, has not come out publicly since he was charged Zhang Cowley, A powerful former leader Commonwealth Party 40 years older than her if anything Forced to have sex.

The news was released for a short time on Blair’s official account in early November வெய்போ (Equivalent to Twitter China), Before Audited In the Asian country, describes a forced emotional relationship Zhang Before he held high positions.

In writing, reason Peng Shuai But whose Could not verify authenticity Through the AFP, the tennis player pointed out Zhang Cowley She continued to be in touch with him when he retired from politics in 2018 Forced sexual encounter.

From those accusations, fate Peng Shuai Raises Many questions.

In a video posted on Twitter on Sunday Hu Jijin, The most influential editor of the newspaper Global Times, Appear Peng While standing in a field “opening ceremony A final youth tennis match “.

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A reporter for the newspaper tweeted another video of him appearing Peng Manuscript for children At a stadium before posing for photos with them.

“These last days she Stayed at home In all liberty and I do not want to botherHe said Saturday Hu Jijin, Its newspaper has a nationalist look.

Hoo, Boasting of being close to power, released two other videos of the tennis player on Saturday. “Dinner with his trainer And some friends “at a restaurant in Beijing, some pictures were recorded this Saturday, according to the journalist.

The AFP is not in a position to confirm the location or conditions under which those images were taken Hu Jijin He made no mention of the matter on his account வெய்போ.

Dinner and comfort

In films, Peng Shuai Surrounded by two women, he shares with them Food and wine In a very quiet place. A man in front of her is talking about her “parties”.

Tomorrow is November 20 (Saturday) “, before being edited by one of the women he says:” It is 21 (Sunday) “.

Pictures of the scene, this It does not seem natural, engraved with a Cell phone By an unidentified person. Peng Shuai Appears with resentment.

Steve Simon, Chairman WTA, These videos of women managing the tennis circuit are considered “not enough” to show it Peng Shuai Lacking pictures, he is healthyOr tennis player “Show if free In their decisions and actions. “

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Many countries including United States And France, They protested on Friday “Anxiety“By the luck of the tennis player.