November 30, 2022

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They recorded three kills in Levittown and two each in San Juan and Rio Grande.

The policeman Early this Saturday morning, five violent deaths were recorded in separate incidents in Rio Grande, San Juan and Tova Baja.

The most recent case occurred around 6:24 am 9-1-1 emergency system It warned that several bombs would go off on Park Sur Street near Sabana Sega Park In Levittown, Tho Baja. Upon arriving at the scene, uniformada members found three murders: a woman and two men shot dead inside a car.

A red 2017 Toyota Yaris was found at the scene with the lifeless bodies of three people inside. He explained that the woman was driving and one of the men was a passenger and the other was in the back seat New day commander Jose ArrochoDeputy Director of Police, Crime Investigation Branch.

According to the official, all three deceased had bullet wounds. He testified that the car had more than 100 bullet wounds.

“What the footage shows us is that there may have been (shooters) on foot. There are more than a hundred shell casings on the highway area, be careful if there are too many”Detailed Arocho by telephone.

At this time, no victims have been identified and police still do not know what the motive for the crime was. Asked about the age of the victims, the official said they “all looked like adults”.

“The crime was next to a park, so we are investigating if there was any activity in the park yesterday”He pointed out.

Regarding the car, Arocho said the Toyota Yaris was registered in the name of an old man from Guanabo area, adding that at present, we are ruling out that it is one of the three victims. He said several people arrived at the scene and believed they were relatives of one of the dead, but the information was unconfirmed.

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From the information provided by people who reached the spot, the police believe that the victims are residents of Gaetano.

Arocho pointed out that the investigation of the scene will take time because it is raining in the area where the incidents happened, which is why they had to suspend the collection of evidence at the scene.

while, In Río Grande, the police received an alert of a “suspicious situation” on Calle 3 of the Estancias del Madrigal urbanization.

A call to the 9-1-1 emergency system was alerted at 12:23 a.m. When agents arrived at the scene, they found the body. Eric Samuel Gonzalez Benitez, 28 years oldWith multiple bullet projectile impacts.

On the other hand, The third case was registered at 1:02 a.m. at the intersection of Ramal 8, Roberto Sánchez Villella Avenue in Rio Piedras, San Juan.

At the scene, officers found the car on fire and while putting out the fire, found the charred body of a man.

The death was classified as violent and it is still unknown how the events unfolded. And the victim has not been identified.

According to the police, with these five violent deaths, the total number of murders reported so far this year has increased to 297, which is two cases less than the same date last year.

On the other hand, the police are investigating the violent death of an identified youth Michael Y. Martinez Rodriguez19 years old and a resident of Salinas, occurred last night in front of the Brisas del Mar residential complex in that municipality.

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According to preliminary reports, a call through the 9-1-1 emergency system reporting a homicide at 9:47 p.m. alerted police to multiple explosions heard at the scene. When the agents arrived at the area, they were told that the victim was taken to Sur Med Hospital in the same municipality, where Dr. Pease confirmed his death.

The deceased had gunshot wounds on various parts of his body.

Agent Zelda, attached to the Homicide Unit of the Guayama Criminal Investigation Squad, investigates the motive for the events, along with prosecutor Yojaira Rodriguez.