December 7, 2022

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They leaked a video of a UFO in California and the Pentagon confirmed its authenticity

They leaked a video of a UFO captured in California

Documentary Producer Jeremy Gorbel Released a video showing this Friday Unidentified flying object in California sky, USA. “The U.S. Navy photographed ‘spherical’ UFOs and vehicles Transmedium Improved. Here are some of those pictures, “he said on social media.

He noted that the pictures were taken by the USS Omaha War Information Center on July 15, 2019 at 11pm from San Diego. “No remains found. No ship was recovered“, He added.

“Intelligence reports show that the spaceship appeared to have transmedia capability and could be seen descending into the water without destruction. The vessel could not be found when entering the water (A submarine was used in the search) and Nothing was recoveredGorbel continued.

For his part, the U.S. Department of Defense spokesman, Susan Coff, Confirmed to the portal The Defreef The authenticity of the video. “I can confirm that the video was recorded by the Marines And the Unidentified Aerial Event Team (UAPDF), owned by the U.S. Naval Intelligence Office His current investigations cover it”, He revealed.

Prior to Cowen’s comments, Jeremy Gorble said on social media: “We do not know whether the (…) Navy or the Pentagon will be prepared to comment on the Omaha incident. We believe this incident is a reasonable mystery and are awaiting any information It may come ”.

Unidentified flying object in California sky

In August last year, the Pentagon created a military unit to study UFOs. The task of officially inspecting unidentified flying objects or UFOs, Which focuses on detecting US-led spy maneuvers.

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Go to work in unidentified aerial events“Approved August 4 and is responsible for the Navy, which is intended”Understand nature and appearance well”In these cases, said at the aforementioned time Susan Coff, A spokesman for the Department of Defense in a statement.

As for the US military, “Unrecognized aerial events They have nothing to do with green menRather with real American enemies. Washington is particularly concerned China’s espionage capabilities, By drones or other aerial means.

Purpose of the PentagonIdentify, analyze and list these unidentified aerial events as a threat to national securitySaid the spokesman.

He added that the Pentagon “takes any intrusion of unauthorized aircraft into our training centers or into our airspace very seriously and reviews all reports.”

United States Senate Showed interest in the activities of the Pentagon In this area in June, officially confirms the existence Informal Working Group About this theme. The new division regulates the activities of these soldiers and allows Congress to monitor all activities very closely.

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