December 7, 2022

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They find the wreckage of an Indonesian submarine and report it sinking Univision Mundo News

The Indonesian navy said the wreckage of a missing submarine appeared this Saturday, indicating that the boat with 53 people on board had sunk. No hope of finding survivors, AP Report.

Rescuers found several items belonging to the KRI Nangala 402 that lost contact after the end of its last dive, including parts of a torpedo alarin in the resort island of Bali on Wednesday.

“We have gone from a ‘missing submarine’ stage to a ‘sunken submarine’ with real evidence to believe they belonged to the submarine,” Marcono announced during a press conference in Bali.

A U.S. spy plane, P-8 Poseidon, landed in the country early Saturday morning, ready to join the search, accompanied by an Australian warship Sonar and 20 ships and four Indonesian aircraft.

Rescue ships from Singapore are also expected to arrive on Saturday, while Malaysians will arrive on Sunday to strengthen underwater surveillance, Indonesian military spokesman Tajara Wimbo said. The Indonesian research ship could not find an object that had not yet been identified, which showed a high magnetism, which had previously been detected at a depth of 50 to 100 meters (165 to 330 feet).

Although there were no signs of life from the submarine, the crew’s families were hopeful that the massive search operation would locate the ship in a timely manner.

Rati Vardhani, sister of 49-year-old sailor Vishnu Subiandoro, said, “The family is fine and is constantly praying.” “We hope to be able to recover Nangala with the entire team.”

The country’s president, Joko Widodo, has ordered all possible efforts to locate the submarine, and called on Indonesians to pray for the safe arrival of the crew.

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The search focused on an area close to its final dive starting point, where an oil march was spotted, but at present there are no definite signs that it is compatible with the ship.

The reason for the disappearance Remains a mystery. As noted by the Navy Failure of the power supply may prevent the submarine from performing emergency procedures To the surface.