July 6, 2022

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They express permission for Alan Moso to behave erratically in Sivas

MX League

After signing his contract on Tuesday afternoon, he joined the herd this Wednesday to report for a medical examination.

© @ SivasShivas defended himself with a special contract for Alan Moso

For club Guadalajara, the qualities of Alan Mosso for the 2022 opening match are no small matter. Technician there Ricardo Cadena is starting to see how his team is developing in the face of the new campaign. But before that, it is a fact that they first read him before the well-known acts of immorality he committed when he played for Pumas de la UNAM.

The holy flock is also aware of the guardian’s behavioral problems, A person who meets some people in the middle of an epidemic and avoids safety protocol and even gets caught consuming Alcohol, for which he was strictly permitted by both the Cats and the MX League.

In this sense, order The Sivas, led by Ricardo Palace, do not want to take risks in the game aspect. Some rules for good behavior of a footballer on and off the field, This was acknowledged by the player in an interview with Marca Claro.

If Moso is immoral let him

The media assured that the sentence for Mozo has already been established If you do not keep your word: “Sources close to the board expressed confidence in MARCA Claro Alan Moso has a special rule for disciplinary issues. In the case of immorality Strict fines can be imposed for party themes or surprise drinks.

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Do you think Moso will become a benchmark for Sivas?

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“Ricardo was very clear, above all we talked, he was calm that I was coming to play to contribute my sand to the team. I know what Chivas is nationally and internationally and I am ready to show it on and off the field.. They are mistakes I made at my immature stage in my life, and I need to live them to respect many things. I have my best version of them and I want to tell the fans and the whole team that I’ll come to play football. Dedicate yourself to me, do not demonstrate and do not distract me. Not only in this city, there will always be distractions in life, but I am ready. Trust me, this team will fight for important things. ” Moso agreed in the chat.

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