December 7, 2022

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They confirmed the identity of the latest victim of a landslide in Miami

July 24, 2021, a month after the collapse of Surprise, Florida, USA EFE / Giorgio Vieira

A relative said Monday that the latest victim of a collapsed apartment building in Florida has been identified. It collapsed at midnight and killed 98 people in more than a month.

Estelle Hedia, A 54-year-old woman who wanted to travel, was last identified, and her relatives decided it was a four-week wait for torture. His brother, Iki Hedaya, Confirmed identity to the company Andhra. He also provided DNA samples He visited the site twice to see his recovery efforts.

“He always mentioned God when he was fighting for something”He added: “He attained a different spiritual state, which allowed him to excel in all other fields.”

His brother said that he draws strength from God as he sees his sister doing in difficult times. A funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

The base of the slope 24 In June The Sampline Towers at the waterfront are in the South Building Practically flat All over and the garbage was transferred to a warehouse in Miami. Although forensic scientists are still working, even examining the debris in the warehouse, Authorities confirmed there were no more bodies at the property.

Life card groups No evidence was found that the dead had survived the initial collapseFire Chief Alan Kominski said.

Rescue teams spent weeks fighting the dangers of debris, These include the unstable area of ​​the building, repeated fires, and the Florida summer heat, and the storm surge. They examined more than 13,000 tons of concrete particles.

Authorities are still investigating the opening of Collins Avenue, which adjoins a 12-story apartment building with more than 130 apartments. Due to possible damage to the road as a result of the accident.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIDS) is investigating the cause of the collapse of a building built in 1981. This can take years.

(With information from AP and EFE)

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Although the remains of the condominium have been demolished, the landslide site in Miami is still a danger zone.