December 7, 2022

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They are issuing an arrest warrant for Johnny Portorial, a lawyer accused of fraud against the “Rosario family”.

Santo Domingo, R.D.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Johnny Portorial, who is accused of defrauding thousands of people with the surname Rosario, who is said to be a millionaire.

The judicial action comes after months of investigation by the National District Attorney’s Office into allegations of fraud.

By the end of 2020, about 300 people with last names Rosario was Attorney Johnny was produced in the Dominican capital’s attorney’s office to file a complaint against Johnny Portorial.

The lawyer would have charged different amounts to claim the inheritance worth 13 trillion euros on his behalf.

Members of the “Rosario family” protested on several occasions in front of the National Palace, the headquarters of the executive power of the Dominican Republic.

In many cases, those with the aforementioned last name have been reported to have deposited money from the multi-million dollar lineage into the country’s banks.

They protested in front of the Reserve Bank, blocking traffic on Winston Churchill Avenue, one of the most important routes in the Dominican capital.

Dominican banks have repeatedly denied the existence of such inheritance or supply.

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