May 19, 2022

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They are asking for the detention of those accused of the death of David de los Santos

The Ministry of Public Works As a precaution, detention was sought PersuasionFour police officers and three civilians were involved in the deaths David de los Santos KoreaHe was brutally beaten while in custody at the Nago Sector police station in the capital.

Captain Domingo Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez, Second Lieutenant German Garcia de la Cruz, Corporal Alfonso Ticena Hernandez and private San Manuel Gonzalez Garc (a (or Sari Manuelis) were responsible for the death of young de las Santos Korea.

Also, in the National District where the accused agents were taken, civilians Santiago Madio Victoriano, Michael Perez Ramos and Jean Carlos Martினnez Pena were arrested while being held in the prison cell of the Nago Department of Police Division. Affected On April 27, security at the Shopping Plaza arrested him at the Agora Mall where he was being held.

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According to the request The act of coercion registered with the Judicial Office of Permanent Focusing Services By Kelvin Callen, Finance The interim chairman of the National District, who was in charge of the aforementioned agents unit and was in charge of the security and custody of the young de los Santos Korea, after he was arrested for displaying a threatening attitude against an employee on a campus. John F. Plaza located on Kennedy Avenue.

Comrades of Employee They first alerted a police officer who was shopping in the plaza, and then alerted the police officers who arrived a few minutes later when they detained him for security at Agora Mall.

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The initial autopsy report showed abrasions on the right front of the victim externally, bilateral polybral edema, conjunctival hemorrhage, bruising with abrasions on the elbows, circular abrasions on both wrists, and swelling on the back of both hands and wrists. , Hypochondrium on the right side and lateral abrasions, epidermolysis on the back, hips and legs, wrists, back of the hands, scrotum and hips, severe blunt head trauma.

The skull Victoriano, Perez Ramos and Martinez Pena, along with the civilian police, killed the victim as they carried out various assaults on him in various parts of the skull and body.
He explains that the death occurred with the help of accused National Police members who illegally locked him up, tied his hands behind his back and failed to do his duty as a guarantor. By law, the agents failed in their duty and de las Santos executed the conduct of co-offenders in the face of torture or barbaric acts committed against Korea.

The Ministry of Public Works establishes that when three prisoners beat the victim, instead of intervening to guarantee his integrity, police officers continued to spray pepper spray. “They have always had control of the situation and knowledge, but above all they have been actively involved in providing the active conditions for the execution of the alleged criminal type, for which the co-author of the act has been structured.”.

When reporting on a request for an action, attorney Cologne explained that police officers activated the 9-1-1 emergency system to transfer the victim to Francisco Moscoso Buello Hospital, where on April 29, his relatives were present. He also managed to be transferred to Tario Contreras, where he died on May 1, as a result of alleged torture and barbaric acts by the accused.

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Police officers, not only engaged in torture or barbaric acts, but also lied to the victim’s relatives, pointing out that the young man was well in the hands of the public ministry and had kept them hidden. “In a brutal and inhumane manner, to this day the victim is admitted to Dr. Francisco Moscoso Puello Trauma Hospital in a critical condition, battling between life and death as a result of the torture or barbaric acts committed by the accused.”

The case received provisional legal classification in violation of Articles 186, 198, 265, 266, 295, 303 and 304.4, Nos. 2 and 9, and 341 and Articles 153, Nos. 3 and 4 of the Dominican Penal Code. Organic Law of the National Police (590-16).