December 10, 2022

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The Yankees wiped out the Red Sox and climbed to the 1st wild card

The Aaron Judge took a double Sunday lead as the Boston-Red Sox took advantage of the opportunities given to him and missed two miscues to finish his bat in the eighth inning. Victory over Boston.

As a result, New York completed a series sweep that turned the competition for wild card status over its head.

Giancarlo Stondon continued the attack with Green Monster and Homer two runs out of the stadium. Stanton, who scored Saturday’s Grand Slam victory in the eighth inning, is the author of all three home runs in the series.

New York, who came to Boston after two games against the Red Sox, return home with a game lead in the fight for the site of the October 5 wild card game. Boston are in the playoffs, a game ahead of Toronto for a second wild-card run.

After the Boston Ankings went 3-2 up for the 2nd Yankees bug – a pair of flies were dropped – New York took second and third place. Red Sox digging. Boston had a second chance to retire the judge with a 1-2 wrong shot, but catcher Christian Vasquez could not control it.

The referee then struck a line between the left and center field to make it 4-3.

For the Yankees, Gary Sanchez scored 4-1. Venezuela Clapper Torres scored 3-0. Colombian Geo Urshela 2-1.

As for the Red Sox, Mexican Alex Verduco with 4-2, as well as Dominican Rafael Divers. Puerto Rican Christian Vasquez 3-0 with an RBI, and Enrique Hernandez 4-2. Cuba Jose Iglesias scored 2-1.