July 1, 2022

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The world's first PlayStation 5 "Slim" is now here thanks to a YouTuber

The world’s first PlayStation 5 “Slim” is now here thanks to a YouTuber

PS5 is a giant console, and The largest in modern historyThe DIY YouTuber has created a PS5 “Slim” model that’s just a fraction the thickness of the plastic cases that hold PS5 games. Matt Birx, better known as DIY perks on YouTubeHe spent a significant amount of time and effort creating a PS5 “Slim” that cuts the size from about four inches to just under an inch.

The result is a thin, copper console that houses the PS5’s key components, a giant external power supply and a cooling solution that can be hidden away. Most of the PS5’s thickness comes from the heatsink and power supply, so DIY Perks relocated it to a tall outdoor unit to make the actual console more attractive on top of the TV stand.

PS5 “Slim” modified in action.
Photo: DIY Perks (Youtube)

A custom water-cooling system replaces the PS5’s existing cooling solution, and uses copper plates to direct water through the CPU. These boards also include several thermal bridges to help cool components such as the SSD and power circuit connected to the PS5 motherboard.

Although Sony lowered the power consumption of some previous PlayStation models to create slim versions, this is a bit out of the way for DIY and modification. Instead, DIY Perks has gone the way of PS2 or PS One skinny models by creating an external power supply.

The Slim Edition needs a giant external PSU and a cooling unit.
Photo: DIY Perks (Youtube)

This external cooling and power unit resulted in a disaster at first, as the PS5’s motherboard was fried because the unit fell off and cut off the airflow to effectively cool the console. After switching the motherboard, the PS5 “Slim” boots up and plays games as successfully as you’d expect.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this custom cooling solution also leads to some temperature improvements for the PS5. DIY Perks has measured significant improvements in RAM and VRM temperatures, and indicates that temperatures can be lowered even further with a larger external cooler.

While some might call the massive power and cooling unit a cheat, the entire project is still a fantastic 30 minute journey of mod controllers trial and error. The custom copper water block is impressive in terms of how simple DIY Perks makes it look, built using a jigsaw and ordinary tools. Fortunately, scalpers probably won’t be putting in much effort to make PS5 “Slim” a reality on eBay anytime soon.

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