December 1, 2022

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The woman asks Canelo for 300 thousand pesos for surgery, to which Alvarez has already responded.

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It’s huge with fists and helps people in great need, which is why Canelo Alvarez always extends a hand For those asking for a new opportunity to live, a young lady It is through social networks Asked for support to perform life-threatening surgery.

A young woman by name Carla Vanessa Martinez Cruz The Mexican sought the help of the multi-champion Pay for lung surgery On an emergency basis, he was diagnosed with one type of cancer from 2019, for which he had to undergo more than twenty chemotherapies.

I have 26 chemotherapies and would love to approach Canolo Alvarez for help with this video Because I have to have lung surgery as soon as possible because the tumor I have will grow 5 centimeters per month. The surgery will cost 300 thousand rupees And this is an amount we cannot collect in such a short period of time. I want to live, I want to fulfill my dreams and my goals, ”the young woman says in the video.

The amazing thing is Within five minutes, Saúl alvarez had already responded On Twitter, “A phone number!” For the young woman with the phrase, waiting for the best pound in the world, giving young people the opportunity to live.

Donations by Canelo alvarez

Beyond the questions of whether or not he is one of the best in his quality and history as an athlete, what is beyond doubt Option to help From Jalisco, he has acted in numerous films Charitable activities To public light through social networks, and without many reflectors.

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It’s mid-November Canelo alvarez donated one million pesos to Red Nose AC, Which is dedicated to helping children with cancer. The money will be used for treatment and medicine, the association said in a statement.

Another example Donation by Canelo in January To a young man named David Andolin Morin, he had an a Lung transplant surgery The costs incurred by the fighter, who claims to be the only Mexican to become an integrated world champion in history due to cystic fibrosis, were 16 168 in his case.