The Way Home – DVD Review

The Way Home

During this movie I had remained glued to the TV thinking how awful it would be if my own child were to disappear. I empathized with the characters in the movie all the way through. This film is based on a true story, and the executive producer is an actual father who lost his two year old boy. It is not an easy task for parents, or law enforcement, but I have learned that there is a process that needs to be followed when a missing person is involved.

Dean Cain plays the role of Randy Simpkins, a distraught father, who’s caught between a career, his family, and his faith. His faith is put to the test when he feels responsible for his son’s disappearance. The role of Randy’s wife is played by Lori Beth Edgeman.  She seems tough at first, and her faith is strong.

While they were loading their van to go on a holiday, the two-year-old boy vanished. Within minutes, Randy was in panic mode searching for his boy. Through the movie he uses every ounce of energy to find his son. Christal is already mad at Randy for spending too much time at work amd she accuses him of not being there enough for the family.  She also blames him for letting Joe out of his sight.

The two of them have to come together to find their son. Once word starts getting around that a little boy is missing, the community really comes together. One church calls another church, and it seems like everybody stopped work to go and look for the boy.  It seemed like minutes before police got set up, and news crews were there.

Dean Cain’s performance was powerful, and you could feel his pain, as he realized he might never see his son again. In the middle of the movie, an older man feels compelled to go and look for Joe. His reasons are memory driven – even though he is not very healthy, he pushes forward into the bush to search for the child. At this point, the whole town, and even neighbouring communities have come together to help find the child.

The police have police dogs out and helicopters, and even the chief of police can’t believe all the people that turned out to help.

Overall, I think this movie was good, and it was also very informative.  If you want to learn the do’s and don’ts, or how to keep it together in a bad situation, you should watch this movie. Overall, it was entertaining, and it kept my interest. The movie does not, however overpower you with religion. After all, is it so bad for everybody to believe in something good?

The real Randy Simpkins has a Facebook page, and there is a page for The Way Home as well. There Mr. Simpkins replies to the people who make comments about the movie. Simpkins always has a “God Bless’ for anyone who posts on the Facebook site. His faith seems stronger, and he & his wife, Kristal are still going to screenings for the movie.