September 29, 2022

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The United States was concerned about the law promoted by Ortega and confirmed that Nicaragua was heading for “flawed elections.”

Daniel Ortega (EFE / George Torres / Archive)

The United States this Thursday expressed “deep concern” over the election law promoted in Nicaragua By the former Santinista guerrilla Daniel Ortega, As well as The “biased” Supreme Electoral Council, which “undermines the credibility of the Nicaraguan elections.”

According to the State Department, The Nicaraguan regime has “rejected calls from its own citizens and the international community, including the United Nations (OAS), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations, to build confidence in the electoral process.”

In fact, he criticizes the opposite by “implementing significant reforms” that cast doubt on holding “free and fair elections in November.”

The statement was signed by a department spokesman, Nate Price, denounces that “on Tuesday, May 4, the Nicaraguan National Assembly approved legislation denying people the right to hold free and fair elections.”

These electoral actions, approved by the Ordega regime, are “contrary to the demands of the OAS General Assembly Resolution of October 2020” and “do not provide for the timely and transparent presentation of results or for the independent observation of elections.”

Similarly, “they cite new alarming reasons for excluding candidates from participating and empowering the Nicaraguan National Police to ban meetings and campaign events of political parties.”

On the other hand, the legislature has also given its approval The judge of the Supreme Electoral Council said that they were all “loyal to President Ortega.”

“Through these actions and continued repression of human rights, President Ordega and his supporters are showing a gross disregard for the will of the Nicaraguan people and for Nicaragua’s obligations under the inter-American democratic charter.” Has condemned the price.

U.S. State Department Net Price Spokesman
U.S. State Department Net Price Spokesman

Add it “US continues to use diplomatic and economic tools” At your disposal “Support Nicaragua’s call for democracy, justice and free and fair elections.”

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The next election in Central America will take place in November, with opposition parties seeking to oust Ortega.

Meanwhile, the US Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Julie Chung, Is expected to move towards some of Nicaragua this Wednesday ”Defective elections”Next November.

Nicaragua goes to the polls with defects if it does not implement a free and fair process that respects the will of the peopleThe ambassador said in a statement to the US Embassy in Managua.

The U.S. official argued his position was based on the reform of electoral law, which was promoted and approved by the Sandinistas, and the selection of new election arbitrators. Mostly associated with President Ortega.

The Sandinista legislators and their allies, who have an absolute majority in parliament, approved amendments to the election law the day before. Cancel election monitoring to lead to limited persons “with support”, Prevents candidates from appreciating international sanctions Against President Ortega and his allies, Controls election funding Y The Constitution restricts rights.

In addition, they re-elected 2 judges of the Supreme Electoral Council and re-elected 8 more, mostly chantinists, guaranteeing that the election arbitration panel would consist of members who would be described as members of the ruling party and allies. Enemies.

Julie Chung
Julie Chung

The new electoral law of the AN (National Assembly) deceives the people of Nicaraguan and does not trust the international community. CSE is highly dependent“The U.S. Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs said.

Chung called on Ordega and Sandinista representatives to use the debate on electoral reform and the election of new referees to “make the electoral system more credible” in Nicaragua.

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The Nicaraguan opposition has revealed its rejection of the election law and reforms for new arbitrators, as well as the High Council of Private Companies (COSP)., The country’s main employer.

Last October, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) called on Nicaragua to create the conditions for “credible” elections after May 2021, however, as the reforms did not guarantee a justifiable election, but rather worsen the socio-political crisis the country has been experiencing since April 2018.

Nicaragua plans to hold presidential and assembly elections on November 7, with President Ortega being re-elected for a third consecutive term.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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