November 28, 2022

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The United States has named 55 Central American officials for corruption: two former presidents and Buchael’s ministers are on the list

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. EFE / EPA / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / POOL / Archive

The U.S. State Department on Thursday pointed to a list of 55 officials and former Central American officials for corruptionAmong them are former Honduran President Porbrio “Pepe” Lobo and his wife, former First Lady Rosa Elena Bonilla de Lobo.

The list includes suspects, according to the United States Corruption o D Undermining democracy Ann El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, So-called countries The Northern Triangle of Central America The administration of President Joe Biden is focused on its strategy Irregular immigration Towards the United States.

The list of names has been released in accordance with the “Advanced Engagement Act between the United States and the Northern Triangle”. Passed last December, now former Democrat Congressman Elliott Engel has been promoted.

Chat Rule “List Angle“Corrupt and anti-democratic actors who are denied entry to the United States and unable to obtain visas to travel to that country.

In total, The list includes 55 officials accused of corruption: 14 from El Salvador, 20 from Guatemala and 21 from Honduras..

Pictured is former President of Honduras Porbrio Lobo (photo: EFE)
Pictured is former President of Honduras Porbrio Lobo (photo: EFE)

In the case Honduras, Accuses the United States of accepting “Pepe” Lobo Bribery He promises that a drug and his wife misused the funds.

What else, Foreign Office Representatives Juan Carlos Valenzuela Molina, Welcy Milena Vasquez Lopez, Milton Jesus Puerto Oscura, Gustavo Albert Perez, Oscar Nazera and Gladys Aurora Lopez, Among others.

The statement did not include the President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez, Which connects with the activities of the New York Attorney’s Office Drug trafficking.

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About Redeemer, The report accuses President Naib Bukelin’s chief of staff, Carolina ResinosConfirms that he was “significantly corrupt by embezzling public funds for personal gain” and participated in a scheme Financial fraud.

Carolina Resinos, Chief of Staff to the President of El Salvador Naib Bukele
Carolina Resinos, Chief of Staff to the President of El Salvador Naib Bukele

Includes “blacklist” Rogelio Rivas, Was removed from the post of Minister of Defense in mid-March.

They are mentioned in the same way Former Deputy Foreign Minister Jose Luis Merino, former guerrilla and leftist Farabundo Mart மார was one of the key leaders of the National Liberation Front (FMLN), and Sikfrido Reyes, the former Speaker of the FMLN Legislature, and are currently under investigation on corruption charges.

On the other hand, in connection Guatemala, The report mentions Congressman Boris Roberto Espana Cossares and former First Secretary of the Guatemalan Congress Felipe Alejos Lorenzana, who have already been cleared by the United States and are now facing charges. “Participated in corrupt practices to enrich himself.”

The list includes Gustavo Adolfo Alejos Kambara, the commander-in-chief of former President Alvaro Colam. (2008-2012) and former presidential candidate Mario Amalkar Estrada were sentenced by a New York court in February this year to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen explained it The purpose of the list released today is to “support the people of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in their efforts to create a democratic, prosperous and secure region”..

In the picture, Ricardo Zika, US Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America (Photo: EFE)
In the picture, Ricardo Zika, US Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America (Photo: EFE)

For his part, Ricardo Zika, Special Envoy of the Foreign Office for the Northern Triangle, explained at a press conference The list is top notch, and he expects there to be more records and more names in the future.

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“We think we have very strong information, what is the serious process of analyzing every name that appears on this list,” he argued.

Added it The U.S. government has not ruled out “using other measures if appropriate.”, Sanctions against cryptocurrency activities or the use of the US financial system for illegal purposes.

However, He clarified that there should be no “automatic link” between corruption and violations of US law in Central America..

Biden set out to fight Corruption And promoting development projects in the Northern Triangle countries as part of its strategy to control irregular immigration.

(With information from EFE)

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