December 7, 2022

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The United States has killed an ISIS terrorist who planned a new offensive in Afghanistan in a drone strike

The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul.

The response came 48 hours after a suspected suicide bombing at Kabul airport that killed at least 200 people, including 13 U.S. soldiers.

The federal command says the United States has carried out a drone strike against an Islamic State member in Nangahar who is believed to have planned an attack on Kabul airport. According to defense sources, he is believed to be preparing for new attacks.

One person was killed in the blast, Navy spokesman William Urban said. No civilian casualties were reported.

The object was in a vehicle in which another person was traveling. Urban said the Reaper MQ-9 drone carried out high-precision bombing while they were in a sparsely populated area in Nangarhar province.

The airstrikes came after President Joe Biden promised the nation on Thursday that the attackers could not hide.

“We will hunt them down and make them pay.”, He promised. Pentagon leaders said at a news conference on Friday that they were ready for any revenge ordered by the president.

Maj. Gen. Hong Taylor, the Pentagon’s joint chief of staff, said: “We have options now.

One of the Spanish Armed Forces aircraft on August 27, 2021 carrying Army and diplomatic personnel staying in Afghanistan and arriving in Dubai from Kabul.EFE / Ministry of Defense

The Kabul airport attack is one of the worst terrorist acts in 20 years since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan.

Pentagon and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned on Friday that there was still a hidden threat of new attacks by the Islamic State coalition or ISIS-K (for its abbreviation in English).

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The U.S. embassy in Kabul on Friday afternoon asked all citizens to stay away from the airport and its access points as there are warnings of another attack.