December 7, 2022

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The United States controls the military area of ​​Kabul Airport

The United States is resuming operations at Kabul airport, despite occasional suspensions

People boarded a plane on the runway of Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, waiting to be evacuated this Monday, August 16, 2021.

A U.S. defense official told CNN that US military evacuation planes at Kabul airport had now resumed. Flights were grounded as Afghan people drowned on the runway.

People were evacuated, but the army plans to continue evacuation operations if the crowd continues to gather.

Suspended and reopened amid reports of chaos at the airport, where the United States has replaced all of its embassy staff. Apparently some Afghans jumped on the departing planes and made frantic attempts to board the plane, then caught them as they departed. Noises were heard around the airport. CNN could not confirm these reports independently, but the military is mobilizing to destroy and protect the runways.

A U.S. defense official told CNN the suspension would be in effect.

The turmoil at the airport underscores the confusion and confusion surrounding the sudden withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. Amid the airport unrest and the US decision to send 1,000 troops quickly to Kabul, the U.S. military commander in the Middle East underscored that the only U.S. goal was to meet with Taliban officials and evacuate people safely. Officials in the Biden administration have repeatedly insisted that the United States has the capacity to stabilize the situation.

“The United States has the strength to bring stability and security to that airport,” Deputy National Security Councilor John Finer told CNN’s Briana Kayler on “New Day.”

People tried to leave to stop operations at Kabul airport. (Thanks: AFP via Getty Images)

“I think they’ve come a long way in that direction since some of those films aired,” Finer said of the scenes of chaos at the airport.

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“More troops are coming in today and tomorrow, and we believe we need what we need to allow these flights to proceed as soon as possible,” Finer said.

Gen. Frank McKenzie, commander of the U.S. Central Command (Centcom), met with Taliban leaders in Doha, Qatar on Sunday and stressed that the United States’ sole purpose was to evacuate people safely, a security official said.

Biner said the United States had also warned the Taliban “uncertainly” not to interfere in Kabul’s attempt to reach Kabul airport. But Bainer added that the Afghans would have to wait until they were told it was time to leave before heading to the airport.

“We tell people when their flight is scheduled, in an orderly manner,” Finer said. “Again, it’s not going to be a bitch war. It’s not for security reasons … When people ‘s flights are scheduled, we ask them to show up at the airport to board those flights. Not just whoever arrives. Accidentally at the airport,” Finer said.

Accelerate the discharge

On Monday, the United States deported about 500 staff from its embassy in Afghanistan, and a security official told CNN on Sunday that 3,500 more staff – American citizens and Afghans – were waiting to be evacuated from the airport.

The Biden administration has temporarily reduced the number of evacuation planes provided by the government for Afghans working with the United States as it has made it a priority to expel U.S. workers from the country, three sources familiar with the United States told CNN on Sunday.

Citizens of Afghanistan US troops stand guard in Kabul on August 16, 2021.

Late on Sunday, the Department of Defense and the State Department announced that US forces were restricting air traffic at Kabul airport. The joint statement confirmed that the United States would expand its staff to nearly 6,000 at Kabul Airport in the next 48 hours as part of a series of measures to secure Hamid Karzai International Airport, which would allow the United States and Afghanistan to exit safely. -Staff by civilians and military aircraft.

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“Tomorrow and in the days to come, we will deport thousands of U.S. citizens living in Afghanistan, as well as local staff of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and their families, and particularly vulnerable Afghans,” the joint statement said.

“We will expedite the expulsion of thousands of Afghans eligible for special immigrant visas from the United States, nearly 2,000 of whom have already arrived in the United States in the past two weeks,” the statement said. “For all sections, the Afghans who have been removed from security will be transferred directly to the United States. We will find additional places for those who have not yet been screened.”

A security official told CNN that the 6,000 U.S. troops assigned to security duties in Kabul would now be involved in guarding the entire perimeter of the airport. The official said aerial sensors could be used to ensure environmental safety. Not only are hundreds of Afghans rushing to the airport to try to get off the planes, but there is also concern about the possibility of Taliban attacks, the official said.

The official said the departure of departing flights should take place in a safe environment. The official said the original evacuation plan, which was supposed to have 3,000 soldiers, was basically a basic security plan that considered a safe environment. The Pentagon had to double that number to 6,000 as security deteriorated due to damage to the city and airport.

The official said US forces could stay “until it takes” to clear the Americans and Afghanistan, but the way forward is uncertain.

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