December 7, 2022

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The United States again detects 100,000 cases of Covid-19 per day for delta variants and those who have not been vaccinated.


The COVID-19 outbreak in the United States surpassed the 100,000 cases confirmed daily on Saturday, the last sign driven by an increase in infections before winter and a delta variation of the virus, with higher infection and lower vaccination rates in the South.

At the end of June, the United States had an average of 11,000 cases a day. Now the number is 107,143.

Health officials fear that hospital admissions and death cases will continue to rise if more Americans are not vaccinated. Nationally, 50% of people are fully vaccinated and more than 70% of adults receive at least one dose.

“Our model shows that if we don’t vaccinate people, it could go up to millions of cases a day, as it increased in early January.” Rochelle Walenski, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a statement this week CNN.

It took the United States about nine months to surpass the average number of 100,000 cases in November before reaching a maximum of 250,000 in early January. The cases sank in June, but it took six weeks for them to return to over 100,000More than 70% of adults are vaccinated.

The seven-day average daily deaths from the virus also rose, Johns Hopkins University data reveals. The death toll in the past two weeks has risen from about 270 deaths a day to nearly 500 on Friday.

The virus is spreading rapidly in unvaccinated people, especially in the south of the country, Where patients collapse hospitals.

The number of Americans hospitalized by the virus has also risen, and the crisis has worsened, with many hospitals again having trouble finding beds for patients in remote locations.

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Houston officials say the recent COVID-19 case brings the local health system closer to “a break point.” Some patients are transferred out of town for medical care, Including one to be treated in North Dakota.

When Govt-19 erupted in the United States on August 3, 2021, the first responders from the Tampa, Florida Fire Department took the patient to the emergency room at St. Joseph's Hospital.  REUTERS / Octavio Jones
When Govt-19 erupted in the United States on August 3, 2021, the first responders from the Tampa, Florida Fire Department took the patient to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital. REUTERS / Octavio Jones

Dr. David Pears, head of the Houston Department of Health and Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), said some ambulances wait hours to deliver patients to Houston area hospitals. Beds not available. Pearce said he fears it will take too long to respond to medical calls to the 911 emergency number.

“Now the health system is in a state of near collapse … For the next three weeks or so, I have no relief from what is happening in the emergency departments.” Perz said Thursday.

Last weekend, a patient in Houston had to be transferred to North Dakota for medical care. An 11-month-old baby girl suffering from Govt-19 disease was to be taken to a hospital 170 miles (274 kilometers) from Houston on Thursday at the temple.

In some parts of the United States, hospitals are struggling to find beds for patients.

Dr. Leonardo Alonso works in various emergency departments One of the worst-affected areas in Jacksonville, Florida, Some hospitals send some patients home with oxygen tanks and send bedside monitors to sick people. “Intensive care units, hospitals, what we call mass accident incidents. They are almost in protocol, of which there are more,” he said. Alonso said.

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